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AKC has been notified that California Assembly Bill 702, which would have regulated all breeders in the state, will be pulled from today’s committee hearing agenda and not be considered this year. As such, we no longer need clubs and hobbyists to make phone calls during today’s meeting.

AKC extends a huge thanks to all the club members, federations, and breeders who took the time to contact the author’s office and committee members over the past several weeks.  Your efforts made a tremendous difference for dogs and responsible AKC breeders!

AKC Government Relations staff had numerous meetings and communications with the author’s office, committee members, and key staff members.  Your phone calls and letters supported these efforts and demonstrated that AB 702 was not a good solution for California.

We also thank the California Animal Welfare Association, NAIA, sportsmen groups, and many others who also worked to advocate for a better solution for California.

AKC looks forward to working with California lawmakers, shelters, clubs, and other stakeholders to develop reasonable, effective solutions that will truly benefit animals in the state.

We will continue to provide updates on California legislative issues.  For questions or more information, contact AKC Government Relations at