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The Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation (TDLR) has adopted new rules about the inspections it conducts, including for dog breeders licensed by the State of Texas.

The adopted rules provide default procedures for inspections TDLR is authorized to conduct.  They provide that:

  1. TDLR may perform inspections with or without advance notice to ensure compliance with statute or rule, or as a result of a complaint;
  2. Inspections will be performed during the regular operating hours of the location being inspected;
  3. Upon completion of an inspection, the license holder, applicant, or representative will be provided with the results of the inspection in writing;
  4. TDLR may use alternative inspection methods, including the use of videoconference technology, instead of conducting an in-person inspection; and
  5. A license holder, applicant, or other person must cooperate in the performance of an inspection. Different or more specific procedures may be provided in individual program rules.

TDLR proposed these changes in October 2022 (which AKC posted about here) and accepted comments from the public through Monday, November 28, 2022.  TDLR received six relevant comments, but did not make changes to the proposal because of them.

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