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The Fauquier County (VA) Board of Supervisors will be conducting a Public Hearing on August 12 on an  amendment to the County zoning ordinance that would prohibit the retail sale of dogs and cats in all commercial and industrial districts.  The prohibition would not apply to adoption events hosted by private non-profit or rescue groups.

Even if you do not personally provide dogs to pet stores, this resolution could have significant implications for all who want to promote the breeding and sale of healthy, purebred dogs.

Fauquier County residents are strongly encouraged to both attend the hearing and contact the board to express your concerns with the text amendment that would restrict pet sales and consumer protection in the county.  Scroll down for contact information. 

Talking Points Against Pet Store Bans:

  • Fewer than 4 percent of pets purchased in the US come from pet shops. These laws limit choice and will do little to address any issues associated with substandard breeders.
  • This will dramatically reduce the average person’s access and ability to choose a pet with the predictable type, mandated care, and substantiated health background that come with purebred pets from regulated sources. Individuals who lack the resources or do not have access to private hobby breeders will be the most directly impact.
  • It will encourage families to buy their pets over the internet and increased their exposure and risk to fraud and other deceptive practices.
  • This will harm responsible pet breeders and retailers who are regulated under federal and/or state laws, while encouraging the sale (adoption) of pets that come from potentially unknown sources with little information on both health and behavior backgrounds.
  • The current zoning ordinance already requires retailers to obtain a special permit to operate in commercial districts, so conditions and accountability can be regulated by the permit.

For additional talking points, see  AKC’s Key Issues on Pet Choice/Pet Store Restrictions and this one page information sheet on Retail Bans.

What You Can Do:

Attend the August 12 meeting and express your concerns.  The meeting details are as follows:

Fauquier County Board of Supervisors

10 Hotel Street

Warrenton, VA 20186


Citizens wishing to appear in person should arrive prior to the 6:30PM start time of the meeting. Comments will be limited to three minutes.

Interested parties may also send correspondence in advance of the meeting by e-mail to  prior to August 12, 2021.


Contact the Fauquier County Board of Supervisors directly and express your concerns:

Christopher N. Granger, Chair                       

Holder Trumbo, Jr., Vice Chair                     

Richard R. Gerhardt                                         

Mary Leigh McDaniel                                      

Christopher T. Butler                                       


For more information, contact AKC GR at