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Next week, the California Senate Judiciary Committee will be considering both the “Dog and Cat Welfare” and dog trainer disclosure bills.  The American Kennel Club (AKC) is currently neutral on these bills, both of which contain some of AKC’s proposed amendments.

Those who wish may contact the committee to express your opinion on these bills prior to the hearing on June 28.  Scroll down for contact information.


The following two bills are on the agenda for the June 28 Senate Judiciary Committee hearing:

  • AB 1881 – “Dog and Cat Welfare” (formerly the “Dog and Cat Bill of Rights”)

    As previously reported, this bill was significantly amended in a previous committee to address AKC’s primary concerns. While it is still being referenced as the Dog and Cat Bill of Rights, the actual chapter created by the bill is now simply called “Dog and Cat Welfare”, and all references to “rights”, “guardian”, and other terms of concern have been removed.

    The bill now requires shelters and rescues to provide a written list to new purchasers of basic reminders such as providing food, water, shelter, and appropriate veterinary care.  There is a civil penalty for failure to provide the notice.  The bill also states that the purpose is “solely to inform potential owners of the standards for basic physical care and emotional well-being of dogs and cats.”

  • AB 1901 – Disclosure for Dog Trainers

    As previously reported, this bill was significantly amended at the request of AKC and local clubs to remove the multiple pages of requirements regulating trainers in the same as boarding kennels. As passed by the Assembly, the bill now simply requires certain items to be disclosed to new clients, including the nature and goals of the class, any civil suits that have been brought against the trainer relating to dog training, and whether the trainer has certifications.  The bill currently does not require that a trainer be certified in order to teach classes.  Many trainers may opt to provide their qualifications in lieu of a certification.

Committee Contact Information:

Those who wish may contact the Senate Judiciary Committee in the following ways:

1) Submit a letter to the committee by email:

2) Call into the June 28 hearing.  View the instructions on the committee website.

3) Contact the individual members (this is recommended by the committee):

Sen. Thomas J. Umberg, Chair

Sen. Andreas Borgeas, Vice Chair

Sen. Anna M. Caballero

Sen. Maria Elena Durazo

Sen. Lena A. Gonzalez

Sen. Robert M. Hertzberg

Sen. Brian W. Jones

Sen. John Laird

Sen. Henry I. Stern

Sen. Bob Wieckowski

Sen. Scott D. Wiener

AKC Government Relations (GR) continues to closely monitor all bills with the potential to impact California dog owners, and will provide updates as they are available.  For questions, contact AKC GR at