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Animal owners and residents who wish to provide feedback on the proposed Horry County animal ordinance are urged to submit comments via a dedicated email inbox that will be available through Friday, September 3, 2021.

The temporary email address is The inbox will be deactivated after September 3. Read the announcement about how to submit feedback via this temporary email inbox.

For more information on the proposed ordinance, including numerous concerns of the American Kennel Club (AKC), view the AKC August 13 legislative alert.

Additional Concerns:

The August 17, 2021, county council meeting agenda specified that the intent of the proposed ordinance is, “amending the County Code to provide for additional specifics concerning the care and treatment of animals to include sheltering, breeding operations sales [emphasis added], confinement & transportation, and to promote community cat care.”

This stated intent, coupled with broad definitions of “pet store” and “commercial establishment,” could extend the proposed ban on pet sales to additional individuals and entities in the county, and not only to traditional brick-and-mortar pet stores.

At the 8/17/21 meeting, the proposed ordinance was referred back to the Public Safety Committee for additional consideration.

What you can do:

  • Provide feedback via the temporary email inbox by September 3.
  • Immediately contact members of the Public Safety Committee to express concerns with the proposed ordinance. Committee members are Mr. Hardee (committee chair), Mr. Bellamy, Mr. Crawford, and Mr. Howard. View their contact information, below.
  • Continue contacting all county council members to express concerns.

County Council Member Contact Information:

Johnny Gardner, Chairman
Mobile: (843) 855-0848

Harold Worley, District 1
Mobile: (843) 249-1436

Bill Howard, District 2
Mobile: (843) 421-2035

Dennis DiSabato, Vice Chairman, District 3
Mobile: 843-421-8522

Gary Loftus, District 4
Phone: 843-340-9992

Tyler Servant, District 5
Mobile: (843) 421-7250

Cam Crawford
Mobile: (843) 504-0905

Orton Bellamy, District 7
Office: (843) 222-7771 – Mobile: (843) 855-5267

Johnny Vaught, District 8
Mobile: (843) 602-5241

R. Mark Causey, District 9
Mobile: (843) 421-0570

Danny Hardee, District 10
Mobile: (843) 340-4426

Al Allen, District 11
Office: (843) 915-5120 – Mobile: (843) 602-9243

For additional information, please contact American Kennel Club Government Relations at 919-816-3720 or