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The Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, Division of Animal Industry, announced the temporary suspension of the state’s intrastate (within the state) movement requirements for the transportation of animals from areas expected to be impacted by Hurricane Irma.

Additionally, the states of Alabama, Georgia and Mississippi have waived interstate (state to state) import requirements for Florida pets and livestock leaving the expected impact areas of Hurricane Irma.

Florida does not currently require documentation when moving dogs within the state; however, there are certain requirements for transporting dogs into Florida. These requirements could potentially affect persons and transporters who evacuate dogs from Florida and later return them to the state.

Pet and livestock transporters are advised to stop at one of the Florida Department of Agriculture’s inspection stations prior to departing the state and present any required documentation. A person or transporter who does not provide the required documentation will be issued an “Advisory Notice.” The Advisory Notice must remain with the animals during transport to Alabama, Georgia, or Mississippi, and on the return trip to the original Florida destination.

The temporary suspension will expire on September 30, 2017, unless extended or rescinded. For more information, call the Division of Animal Industry at 850-410-0900, or click here to read the announcement.

For information on requirements for transporting animals from Florida to other states, contact the appropriate state animal health official (usually the State Veterinarian’s Office) at the destination state. The United States Animal Health Association provides an online listing of state animal health officials.