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AKC has learned that Rep. Guy Liebmann has withdrawn H1282 from consideration. Congratulations to the many dog owners who alerted Rep. Liebmann to the problems with breed-specific legislation! However, Sen. Jim Reynolds's companion bill (S247) is still scheduled for introduction next week. Please keep up the concerned phone calls, letters and e-mails! See below for additional information.

Second BSL Bill Introduced in Oklahoma

[Monday, January 24, 2005]

A second piece of breed-specific legislation was prefiled in Oklahoma this week. Sponsored by Rep. Guy Liebmann, H1282 would allow municipalities to regulate “pit bulls,” potentially dangerous and dangerous dogs based on their breed. AKC opposes this measure for the reasons outlined in our alert on the similar S247 (see below), but we need your help! Please contact the author of the bill immediately and explain why H1282 is poor public policy. Ask him to withdraw his support from the bill!

Rep. Guy Liebmann
Oklahoma House of Representatives
State Capitol Bldg
Oklahoma City, OK 73105

[Wednesday, January 19, 2005]

Oklahoma is currently one of 12 states that prohibit municipalities from enacting breed-specific laws. That would change if S247 (scheduled to be introduced February 7) is allowed to pass. Sponsored by Sen. Jim Reynolds, the bill allows cites and counties to regulate dangerous dogs based on breed.

The American Kennel Club strongly supports sound, enforceable, non-discriminatory legislation to govern dog ownership, and we appreciate legislators’ desire to keep communities safe for both people and dogs. That’s why we work closely with elected officials and the general dog owning public to promote responsible dog ownership, enforcement of strong leash laws, and development of clear guidelines to manage dangerous dog problems. Such methods can help prevent dog bites and other canine–related accidents from occurring. Conversely, banning or restricting certain breeds—as S247 permits—will do little to promote public safety.

Oklahoma’s current dangerous dog law forces all dog owners to be responsible regardless of the breed they own. Stronger enforcement of the existing law, rather than arbitrary, expensive new legislation, will best protect Oklahoma residents. AKC strongly opposes S247, and we urge concerned dog owners to do the same.

What You Can Do:

  • Contact the bill sponsor and voice your opposition to S247. Ask him to withdraw the bill from consideration.

    The Honorable Jim Reynolds
    State Capitol Bldg #534-B
    Oklahoma City, OK 73105

  • Watch AKC’s Web site for further updates. S247 will likely be referred to a committee in early February, and the Canine Legislation department will post more details at that time.


For more information on this or other legislative issues, please contact the Canine Legislation department (

AKC has learned that Rep. Guy Liebmann has withdrawn H1282 from consideration. Congratulations to…