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Breeder Programs & Services

Breeder Programs & Services

Whether you’re breeding your first litter or next Best in Show winner, we offer invaluable resources for dog breeders, including up-to-date information, ongoing educational programs and more:

Litter Registration

Show you are a responsible breeder and that your puppies meet breed standards! When you register your litters with the AKC, you get a Registration Certificate for each puppy from the litter and you also set them up for eligibility to compete in AKC sports and events.

Register a litter.

Breeder E-Z Reg

Breeder E-Z Reg gives you an efficient and effective method to easily register and maintain records for all of the puppies in your litter.

Register using the Breeder E-Z Registration.

Registered Kennel Names

Service for Active Breeders to protect their eligible kennel names from unauthorized use.

Kennel Name Registration

AKC Marketplace

Listing your litter in our Marketplace is a win-win: You gain visibility in front of millions of dog lovers looking to add a new puppy to their family — and you get to show off your adherence to our standards and regulations.

Find homes for your puppies. 

Register a Puppy

Permanently record your puppy’s place in breed history, and gain access to resources and services for every stage of your dog’s life.

Register a puppy.

Online Record Keeping Service

Available free for all AKC breeders, this service is the easiest way to centralize your records for litter and puppy registration data. Make your life easier with pre-filled AKC Dog Ownership Records, Breeding Records, and Litter Records forms; store addresses and telephone numbers of your co-owners and puppy buyers; and more.

Access our online record keeping service here.

Breeder of Merit Program

Open to all purebred dog breeders, our Breeder of Merit Program honors breeders who go above and beyond on health issues, temperament, and genetic screening, as well as to the individual care and placement of puppies in responsible homes. When you join this program, you get a host of benefits, including registration applications and certificates featuring your special designation as a Breeder of Merit; prime placement of AKC Marketplace listings; access to the AKC Direct toll free number, and more.

Learn more and enroll in the Breeder of Merit Program here.

Protect Your Rights

Each year, there is an increasing number of proposed laws on the federal, state, and local levels that could infringe on your rights to own, breed, and show dogs. Our online Legislative Action Center lists the latest legislative alerts, talking points, sample letters, and even handouts you can download and print for shows, club events, and your fellow dog lovers. Learn about some of the key issues and topics in canine legislation here.

Bred with H.E.A.R.T.

The Bred with H.E.A.R.T. program engages and educates breeders on best practices, including health testing. When you participate, you receive a certificate to display as your proof of membership; discounts on litter registration and microchips; cost-efficient pet recovery services; marketing support; and more. If you meet the requirements listed here, you can then apply to the free program.

Customizable Puppy Information Folders

When you give families AKC Puppy Folders, you ensure that your puppies get off to a great start! In one handy folder, they’ll get some of the most important puppy information such as information about training, basic care, and more.

Get the Puppy Information Folders here.

Breeder Education

Good dogs come from good breeders. Good breeders strive to improve their breeds while considering canine health, temperament, training, and promoting responsible dog ownership. Part art, part science, and total devotion, breeding is exciting and challenging. AKC is here to support you on this amazing journey.

View all Breeder Educations Resources


Your go-to resource for all things related to AKC canine DNA. AKC maintains the world’s largest database of profiles for parentage verification and genetic identity for AKC registered dogs.

Go to the AKC DNA center 

Foundation Stock Service Program

This program is only for purebred rare breeds that are not yet recognized by the AKC. The FSS program provides a reliable and reputable way to maintain records while developing the breed.

View FSS Resource Center