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New Jersey Assembly Bill 2338 and Senate Bill 63, which seek to amend the state’s Pet Purchase Protection Act with many confusing provisions, to significantly restrict the ability of pet owners to obtain a puppy of their choice, and to significantly limit some hobby breeders, are scheduled to be considered by the Assembly Appropriations Committee on Monday, January 30, 2017. 

Even though the American Kennel Club (AKC) expects significant amendments to be offered and accepted at Monday’s hearing, it is vitally important that everyone who breeds or sells dogs in New Jersey, or have obtained a dog from a New Jersey breeder, contact the members of the Assembly Appropriations Committee and urge them to “OPPOSE AB 2338 and SB 63 AS CURRENTLY WRITTEN.” 

A2338 and S63, as currently written, will significantly restrict the ability of dog lovers who breed, sell, or wish to purchase a dog in New Jersey.  Even though the bills include amendments that were requested by the AKC, the New Jersey Federation of Dogs Clubs, and number other animal interest groups, significant concerns remain with the bills.  These concerns include regulating those who would sell more than five dogs in a “non-face-to-face” transaction, even if it involved a breeder who has a long-standing relationship with a customer.  Further, this could also significantly hinder customers who wish to purchase a well-bred purebred dog from a specific breeder or bloodline if they are unable to personally meet with the breeder at the time of sale. 

The bills also contain other concerns, including two pages of legislative “findings” that attack the integrity of dog breeders with unsubstantiated data and hypothetical outcomes. 

Read AKC’s previous alert for more information on concerns with Senate Bill 63 (and its companion Assembly Bill 2338). 

Contact the Appropriations Committee prior to the hearing and respectfully express your opposition to A22338 and S63 as currently written.  If you are a constituent, please mention that when contacting the committee.

Assemblyman John J. Burzichelli, Chair (District 3)
(856) 251-9801

Assemblyman Joseph A. Lagana, Vice Chair (District 38)
(201) 576-9199

Assemblywoman Marlene Caride (District 36)
(201) 943-0615

Assemblyman Herb Conaway (District 7)
(856) 461-3997

Assemblyman John DiMaio (District 23)
(908) 722-1365

Assemblywoman Pamela R. Lampitt (District 6)
(856) 435-1247

Assemblywoman Gabriela M. Mosquera (District 4)
(856) 232-6700

Assemblywoman Gail Phoebus (District 24)
(908) 441-6343

Assemblywoman Annette Quijano (District 20)
(908) 327-9119

Assemblyman Gary S. Schaer (District 36)
(973) 249-3665

Assemblywoman Holly Schepisi (District 39)
(201) 666-0881

The American Kennel Club and New Jersey Federation of Dog Clubs will continue to closely monitor these bills.  AKC will provide additional updates if and when these bills are amended.  For questions, e-mail AKC Government Relations at