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The American Kennel Club (AKC) would like to clarify that Connecticut Senate Bill 1069 has been transferred to Governor Ned Lamont for executive action.  While other states assign a “Public Act” number to new laws after receiving a governor’s approval, Connecticut assigns one to legislation that is being prepared to be presented to the Governor for his signature or veto.  An earlier post described the bill as having already been signed into law.

Now known as Public Act No.23-17, the legislation was significantly amended as a result of AKC outreach and grassroots lobbying by Connecticut dog club members, responsible dog owners, and the president of the Connecticut Federation of Dog Clubs and Responsible Dog Owners (CFDRDO).

HISTORY:  As raised by the Joint Environment Committee and detailed in AKC’s February 22 alert, SB 1069, relative to kennels and domestic dog laws, raised multiple concerns for kennel owners and those who groom dogs for exhibition.  In response to testimony submitted, the committee had approved an amended SB 1069 with some positive changes, as detailed in this March 28 update.

A recent amendment that was agreed to by the Department of Agriculture clarified the bill’s text by removing the word “facility” when referring to a kennel, which effectively eliminated the chance that  hobby breeders would be hamstrung with onerous requirements.  An additional amendment championed by leaders of the Joint Environment Committee requires local kennel licensure and inspections of kennels only if it produces more than five litters a year, not two.

The further amended bill was approved by the Senate and then the House on May 30.  Section 3 of the bill, pertaining to kennels, will become effective upon Governor Lamont’s approval of the legislation.

AKC and CFDRDO are grateful to both the Department of Agriculture and the Joint Environment Committee leaders who worked with stakeholders to ensure changes to Connecticut’s laws impacting kennels would not be onerous to hobby breeders or those who groom dogs for exhibition.  AKC and CFDRDO also thank everyone who contacted lawmakers and respectfully requested SB 1069 be amended favorably.

AKC Government Relations (GR) will provide an update once Governor Lamont has taken action on Public Act No.23-17.  For more information on these or other legislative issues in Connecticut, contact AKC GR at 919-816-3720 or