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A bill that would have mandated a registration fee for all pets in Colorado will not move forward this year, according to a media announcement from the sponsor, Rep. Regina English.

As introduced, House Bill 24-1163 would have imposed a mandatory registration fee on all pet owners for each pet they owned.  With the registration, the owner would be required to designate someone to care for the animals in case the owner was unable to do so.

While AKC appreciates the desire of the sponsor to ensure the proper care of animals, there were many concerns with the details of the legislation.  The sponsor acknowledged this and said she will likely introduce a different approach to this issue next session.  AKC thanks the Colorado Federation of Dog Clubs for their outreach on this bill, and AKC has told the sponsor that we and the federation look forward to continuing to work with the Colorado legislature on promoting responsible pet ownership in the state.

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