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The Knoxville City Council is scheduled to consider additional changes to the city animal ordinance on Tuesday, December 12, 2023. Measures will be considered to transfer certain Animal Control Unit functions to Young Williams Animal Center, modify the city Animal Control Board, and address funding.

Additional proposals seek to, among other provisions, empower the animal shelter and certain undefined “shelter staff members” to confiscate animals based on expanded provisions; issue/deny permits; set fees; and promulgate operating standards for boarding facilities, kennels, pet dealers, pet shops, breeders, groomers, and pet daycares.

Animals owners are urged to contact their city council members with comments and concerns.

The city council meets Tuesday, December 12, at 6:00pm, 400 Main St, Suite 467, Knoxville, Tennessee 37902. To view the proposed ordinance click here, then click on the Agenda Packet for the December 12, 2023, City Council Regular Meeting.

For more information, please contact AKC Government Relations at or 919-816-3720.