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The Governor of Colorado has signed into law new regulations for pet stores that will allow them to continue to operate in the state.

As introduced, this bill contained false claims about breeders and inaccurate information that pets from rescues are better for public safety as they are not imported from out of state.  Further, the bill significantly limited pet choice by preventing future pet stores from operating in the state and allowing municipalities to pass additional regulations – and even bans on the sale of purpose bred pets – for pet stores.

Thanks to the work of the Colorado Federation of Dog Clubs and local responsible pet store owners, the bill was significantly amended.  As signed by the Governor, House Bill 21-1102 no longer contains the false and misleading claims or the allowance for stricter regulations by local governments.  In addition, pet stores may continue to operate in the state so long as they publicly disclose certain information.

AKC recognizes that some concerns remain regarding what information stores will be required to disclose, and that much of this bill is more appropriate for implementing regulations rather than statute.  However, we greatly appreciate the positive amendments that were made to ensure that pet choice is protected in Colorado.

The new law will go into effect 90 days after the legislature adjourns.

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