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On January 3, 2024, HB 1102 will be introduced and referred to the New Hampshire House Environment and Agriculture Committee.  Not only would the bill seek to describe brachycephaly as a “birth deformity that causes suffering”, but it would also criminalize the sale and breeding of brachycephalic dogs and any dog that could be claimed to have a birth deformity. Violators could be found guilty of a misdemeanor for a first offense, and of a class B felony for a second or subsequent offense.

The New Hampshire legislative session begins in earnest with committees scheduling public hearings starting in January. The American Kennel Club (AKC) and the New Hampshire Dog Owners of the Granite State (NH DOGS) will aggressively work against this overt attempt to control breed type.

Education and scientific discussion of thoughtful ways to address health issues within a breed in a manner that protects and preserves the essence of that breed is a priority. AKC’s position on responsible breeding practices can be viewed here.

WHAT YOU CAN DO:  New Hampshire clubs are strongly encouraged to contact their members now to inform them of HB 1102, regardless of whether they own a brachycephalic breed, as HB 1102 is a legislative attempt to control breed type. Parent clubs are strongly encouraged to review membership lists, identify current contact information for members residing in New Hampshire, and inform them of the upcoming threat of HB 1102. Future AKC alerts will detail what action to take and when.

For more information on this or other legislative issues in New Hampshire, contact AKC’s Government Relations Department at 919-816-3720 or; or the Dog Owners of the Granite State at