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After cancelling a September 9th special meeting to receive public input on proposed restrictions on dogs at public beaches, the Kittery, Maine, Town Council voted on Monday, September 14, 2020, to schedule a vote on proposed changes that clarify language dealing with feral cats, barking (disturbing the peace), definition improvements, and dog waste removal requirements.  The American Kennel Club (AKC) views these changes as non-controversial.   The vote is scheduled for the upcoming October 14, 2020, Town Council meeting, which the public may attend via video conference.  Closer to the meeting date, a link will be made available here.

The Town Council also voted to establish a working group to address the controversial issue of access to town beaches by individuals with dogs (leashed or not) and individuals who seek time at these locations without dogs present or dogs exclusively on leash.  The Town Manager and Council Chair will review all emails and phone messages the Council received regarding this matter.  Three individuals who contacted the Council advocating that no changes to current ordinances (Title 6) on this matter are necessary and three individuals who contacted the Council desiring some changes to Title 6 will be chosen to serve on the working group, along with representatives of the Parks Commission, the Department of Public Works, and the Police Department.  The working group will attempt to reach a consensus and recommendation for the Council’s December meeting.  Meetings scheduled by the group will be posted on the town’s calendar.

Details included in AKC Government Relations’ (AKC GR) prior alert can be viewed here.

AKC Government Relations continues to track and address dog-related government activities and will provide additional information as developments in Kittery and throughout Maine warrant.  For more information, contact AKC GR at