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A bill is advancing in Colorado that would expand the powers of the state’s Bureau of Animal Protection agents.

Currently, the purpose of the Bureau of Animal Protection as stated on the Department of Agriculture’s website, is to “serve as a support mechanism to local law enforcement agencies in conducting animal cruelty and neglect investigations.”  This includes issuing summons and complaints.  Senate Bill 20-104 would significantly expand their powers and grant agents who have completed training the power to conduct investigations.  Concerns among others that have been raised include who may be appointed as agents and therefore be given these expanded powers.

AKC thanks the Colorado Federation of Dog Clubs for their tireless work this year at the Colorado General Assembly, including continuing to work with the sponsor to address concerns with this bill.

Senate Bill 20-104 has passed the Senate Local Government Committee and is currently pending in the Senate Appropriations Committee.  While the AKC and the Colorado Federation of Dog Clubs understand that amendments may be forthcoming, we encourage you to contact the Senate Appropriations Committee to express any comments and concerns you may have:

Senator Rachel Zenzinger, Chair
Phone: 303-866-4840

Senator Dominick Moreno, Vice Chair
Phone: 303-866-4857

Senator Mike Foote
Phone: 303-866-5291

Senator Bob Gardner
Phone: 303-866-4880

Senator Julie Gonzales
Phone: 303-866-4862

Senator Chris Hansen
Phone: 303-866-4861

Senator Dennis Hisey
Phone: 303-866-4877

Senator Bob Rankin
Phone: 303-866-5292

Senator Robert Rodriguez
Phone: 303-866-4852

Senator Rob Woodward
Phone: 303-866-4853

AKC will continue to provide information as it becomes available.  For more information, contact the Colorado Federation of Dog Clubs at or 303-842-1033, or AKC Government Relations at