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Yesterday, the Illinois General Assembly officially sent a bill to the governor that would ban the retail sale of pets in the state.

Animal rights activists are flooding the governor’s office with calls and letters of support.  Even if you have already done so, we encourage all dog owners, breed rescues, and clubs in the state to contact the governor TODAY and ask him to veto House Bill 1711, which will restrict pet choice and breed rescue in the state.  View AKC’s previous alert for talking points and more information on House Bill 1711.  We also encourage you to visit the AKC Government Relations key issue page at for more details on AKC’s position on this issue and how it impacts hobbyists and local clubs.

The governor now has 60 days to take action on this bill. All comments should be submitted to: or use the online form.  If you are an Illinois resident/participate in breed rescue in the state, be sure to mention that when contacting his office.

For more information, contact AKC GR at