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AKC Government Relations (AKC GR) recently posted an alert regarding proposed changes to the town of Yarmouth’s dog ordinances.  AKC GR’s alert with detailed concerns can be viewed here.

A letter with recommendations was submitted to the town council by AKC GR.  The draft proposal now includes AKC GR’s recommendations. Local residents are encouraged to contact the town and express your support for the changes recommended by AKC, which include the following:

  • The original draft only required an officer to make a reasonable effort, “if possible” to notify the owner of an impounded dog.  On behalf of responsible dog owners, AKC GR requested striking the phrase “if possible” and adding the following, “Where an owner is not known, all animal shelter facilities shall inspect for tattoos, ear tags, or other permanent forms of positive identification and shall scan for a microchip upon admission and prior to transferring ownership of an unclaimed or abandoned animal.”
  • Another recommendation is to allow working dogs, and field trials of formal obedience, agility, or similar training periods for dogs, in public places while off leash but, accompanied by its owner or keeper.
  • Lastly, AKC GR requested text requiring officers to confirm noise complaints before issuing citations noting that neighborly disputes can result in false complaints.

What You Can Do:

Those impacted by the Yarmouth, Maine, proposed changes are encouraged to communicate support for the AKC GR recommended changes to the town council before their October 21 meeting.   This draft will be reviewed and voted upon at that time.  You may email the full town council by clicking the “Group email” link found here. In the subject line include, “Chapter 309 Dog Control Changes” and please provide your contact information.

AKC GR continues to track and address dog-related government activities and will provide additional information as developments warrant.  For more information, contact AKC GR at