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As part of our ongoing efforts to continuously improve how we serve the American Kennel Club (AKC) and its breeder, owner, fancier, and enthusiast constituents, AKC‘s Government Relations Department (GR) is conducting a short survey to understand how we may better communicate with you about important legislative issues in your area.

Please take a few moments to share your thoughts on GR’s current communications practices and your use of social media platforms and interest in legislative topics. The results can help improve GR’s communications and outreach to you and inform our future research and focus.

Please feel free to share the link with your fellow AKC-affiliated club members. 

The survey may take up to five minutes to complete, and results will be automatically randomized.  No personal identification information will be collected unless you provide otherwise.

We know your time is valuable.  Please know that the AKC GR team appreciates you and the time you spend to complete the survey.

Please click here to begin:

For more information, contact AKC GR at

Thank you for your assistance and participation.


The AKC GR Team