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The Springfield (IL) City Council is expected to consider a proposal on Wednesday, March 27, that would require all who breed dogs “for the purpose of sale” to obtain a $100 annual registration.

The proposal is very broad and could impact anyone who breeds and sells even one dog for conformation, performance, sporting, etc.  The license must be “prominently displayed in the location of the business.”  While there are no other requirements at this time, it is possible for further regulations on registrants to be developed in the future.

Anyone who violates this ordinance will be subject to fines that will reimburse spay and neuter costs for shelter animals.

It is essential that the council hear from local constituents TODAY.  Respectfully ask them to not support Proposal 24-089.  If you are a hobbyist, let them know you are not, as the proposal implies, a commercial business, but someone raising an occasional litter in your private home.  Also communicate with them the steps you take when raising a litter and ensuring that those dogs never end up in a shelter.

How to Contact the Council:

Proposal 24-089 is on the Committee of the Whole agenda for Wednesday, March 27:

City Council Chambers
Springfield, IL

If you wish to speak at the hearing, you must submit a request 24 hours prior to the meeting.  Use this online form to submit your request.

You may also contact the Council directly prior to the meeting:

AKC Government Relations will provide more information as it is available.  For questions, contact us at