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Yesterday, new amendments for California AB 1881 (The “Dog and Cat Bill of Rights”) were posted, but AKC’s main concern still remains.

California residents are encouraged to continue contacting members of the Assembly Business and Professions Committee this week and let them know that you oppose AB 1881 before the hearing on April 26.


The new amendments remove the words “Guardian” and “companion animal” from the bill, which AKC appreciates.  It also clarifies that penalties will only be for failure to post the requirements “for educational purposes.”

The amendments also clarify some of the statements, such as clarifying that veterinary care should be “regular and appropriate” and that mental stimulation and exercise should be appropriate for the age and energy level of the dog or cat.

Many of these amendments were recommended by the AKC, but the critical concern – the use of the word “rights” – still remains.

AKC joined veterinarians and other animal health experts in asking that this word be removed, and that a statement be added that the bill does not change the legal status of animals.  While we recognize that the stated purpose is to be educational, the use of the term “rights” goes well beyond that and is a dangerous precedent, opening the door for a significant change in the way animals are viewed and cared for in the state.

What You Can Do:

First of all, we want to thank everyone who has already taken the time to submit letters to the author and committee.  We encourage you to do the following TODAY:

1) Contact the Chair and Vice Chair of the Committee.  Please consider calling (even leaving a short, respectful voice message) and emailing.

If you are a constituent, be sure to mention that when calling/ emailing:

Marc Berman, Chair (Dist. 24- Palo Alto)
Sacramento Office:(916) 319-2024
Palo Alto Office: (650) 324-0224
Contact Form

Heath Flora, Vice Chair (Dist. 12- San Joaquin County)
Sacramento Office: (916) 319-2012
Ripon Office: 209-599-2112
Contact Form

2) Contact the members of the committee.  If you are a constituent, be sure to mention that when contacting them.  Please consider calling (again, leave a brief respectful message if you do not get a live answer) and emailing them.

Richard Bloom (Dist. 50- Santa Monica)
Sacramento Office: (916) 319-2050
Santa Monica Office: (310) 450-0041
Contact Form

Mia Bonta (Dist. 18- Oakland)
Sacramento Office: (916) 319-2018
Oakland Office: (510) 286-1670
Contact Form

Phillip Chen (Dist. 55- Brea)
Sacramento Office: (916) 319-2055
Brea Office: 714-529-5502
Contact Form

Jordan Cunningham (Dist. 35- San Luis Obispo)
Sacramento Office: (916) 319-2035
San Luis Obispo Office: (805) 549-3381
Email Form

Megan Dahle (Dist. 1- Redding, Nevada City)
Sacramento Office: (916) 319-2001
Redding Office: 530-223-6300
Nevada City Office: 530-265-0701
Contact Form

Vince Fong (Dist. 34- Kern County)
Sacramento Office: (916) 319-2034
Bakersfield Office: 661-395-2995
Contact Form

Mike A. Gipson (Dist. 64 – Compton, Gardena)
Sacramento Office: (916) 319-2064
Gardena Office: (310) 324-6408
Contact Form

Timothy S. Grayson (Dist. 14- Concord, Vallejo)
Sacramento Office: (916) 319-2014
Concord Office: (925) 521-1511
Vallejo Office: (707) 642-0314
Contact Form

Jacqui Irwin (Dist. 44 – Thousand Oaks)
Sacramento Office: (916) 319-2044
Contact Form

Alex Lee (Dist. 25- Milpitas)
Sacramento Office: (916) 319-2025
Milpitas Office: (408) 262-2501
Contact Form

Kevin McCarty (Dist. 7- Sacramento)
Capitol Office: (916) 319-2007
Sacramento District Office: (916) 324-4676
Contact Form

Jose Medina (Dist. 61 – Riverside)
Sacramento Office: (916) 319-2061
Riverside Office: (951) 369-6644
Contact Form

Kevin Mullin (Dist. 22 – San Mateo)
Sacramento Office: (916) 319-2022
San Mateo Office: (650) 349-2200
Contact Form

Rudy Salas, Jr. (Dist. 32 – Kern, Kings County)
Sacramento Office: (916) 319-2032
Bakersfield Office: (661) 335-0302
Hanford Office: (559) 585-7170
Contact Form

Philip Y. Ting (Dist. 19 – San Francisco)
Sacramento Office: (916) 319-2019
San Francisco Office: (415) 557-2312
Contact Form

Akilah Weber, M.D. (Dist. 79 – San Diego)
Sacramento Office: (916) 319-2079
San Diego Office: (619) 531-7913

AKC Government Relations continues to closely monitor all bills impacting dog owners in California and will provide updates as they are available.  For more information, contact AKC GR at