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Immediate help is needed from all New York dog owners to help oppose Assemblyman Peter Rivera's A10169. This overly restrictive bill:

  • Requires every dog owner to obtain liability insurance for their pet, regardless of past behavior.
  • Allows the Agriculture Commissioner to determine certain breeds of dogs as dangerous based on bite statistics. Further authorizes municipalities to regulate the care and control of dangerous breeds, thereby violating existing New York State law that prohibits such activity.
  • Permits insurance companies to charge higher premiums for dangerous breeds.
  • Requires owners to show proof of insurance when obtaining a license for their dog, upon which they will receive an orange tag that their pet must wear at all times.
  • Authorizes impoundment of uninsured dogs. Owners will have ten days to claim their animal, obtain insurance, and pay $15 per day for impoundment fees. Those who do not comply will be forced to relinquish their dog.
  • Owners who do not license or insure their dogs will face fines beginning at $100.


A10169 additionally requires any person or entity who sells or offers for adoption four or more dogs in one year to:

  • Inform new dog owners about licensing and insurance requirements.
  • Obtain proof of licensing and insurance prior to transfer of the animal.
  • Post a listing of breeds deemed dangerous by the Commissioner.


Violators will face penalties of $250.

The AKC opposes this bill because when properly enforced, New York's existing dangerous dog law effectively addresses those who are irresponsible with their pets. A10169 will not make owners more responsible, nor will it prompt reckless owners to suddenly comply with new laws. At the same time, A10169 unfairly punishes responsible dog owners and may make it cost-prohibitive for many of those owners to keep their pets. Rather than promote responsible dog ownership, as public education can, A10169 may actually encourage some dog owners to abandon their pets rather than go through the hassle and expense of complying with requirements.

This state-mandated program will be extremely costly, time-consuming and difficult for authorities to enforce. It also places undue burden on responsible sellers and rescue groups.

The AKC has further concerns about permitting certain breeds to be determined dangerous by the Agriculture Commissioner. We strongly support reasonable dangerous dog legislation and believe that communities should establish a well-defined procedure for dealing with dogs proven to be dangerous. However, in order to be effective, such legislation should not single out specific breeds or phenotypic classes of dogs. Deeds, not breeds, must be addressed.

What You Can Do:

  • A10169 has been referred to the Assembly Committee on Agriculture. New York dog owners should immediately contact the committee members and urge them to oppose this bill.

Assembly Committee on Agriculture
Legislative Office Bldg #641
Albany, NY 12248

Asm. William Magee (D) [Chair]
Asm. Darrel J. Aubertine (D)
Asm. Marc W. Butler (R)
Asm. Adele Cohen (D)
Asm. Michael Cohen (D) (e-mail address not available)
Asm. Clifford W. Crouch (R)
Asm. Steven Cymbrowitz (D)
Asm. Francine DelMonte (D)
Asm. RoAnn M. Destito (D)
Asm. Steve Englebright (D)
Asm. Jacob E. Gunther (D)
Asm. Daniel L. Hooker (R)
Asm. Jeffrey Klein (D)
Asm. Barbara S. Lifton (D)
Asm. Patrick R. Manning (R)
Asm. Margaret M. Markey (D)
Asm. Roy J. McDonald (R)
Asm. John J. McEneny (D)
Asm. Peter M. Rivera (D) [Sponsor]
Asm. Richard A. Smith (D)
Asm. Paul D. Tonko (D)

For more information, contact:

Responsible Dog Owners Association of NY

Long Island Coalition of Dog Fanciers,

AKC's Canine Legislation department

Immediate help is needed from all New York dog owners to help oppose Assemblyman Peter Rivera?s…