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Yesterday, division leaders of the North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission (NC Wildlife) conducted a virtual public meeting regarding the proposed temporary, emergency regulations regarding Controlled Rabbit Hunting Preserves.  The meeting was scheduled due to the response of local field trial clubs, hunters, and the American Kennel Club (AKC) to the proposal.

NC Wildlife staff explained that the “emergency” nature of the rule proposal was a result of a newly-effective law.  NC Wildlife sought an expedited process to ensure rule adoption before the start of North Carolina’s 2020-2021 hunting seas.  Together, the statutory and proposed rule changes explicitly permit hunting preserves practices that have been conducted in North Carolina for generations but that had not been explicitly permitted in law.  The law will remain effective; however, due to concerns expressed by stakeholders, NC Wildlife reported that they will recommend to the state’s Wildlife Resources Commission that it not move forward with the emergency rule proposal at this time.  The Commission is expected to accept that recommendation.  NC Wildlife staff is then expected to pursue changes to the draft controlled rabbit hunting preserves rule via its regular rulemaking process later this year, which will provide stakeholders with additional opportunities to meet face-to-face with NC Wildlife staff and help craft more reasonable rules.

AKC Government Relations (AKC GR) thanks the representatives of Tarheel Beagle Club, Indian Beagle Club, and the other callers who thoughtfully and respectfully expressed their concerns during yesterday’s call.  AKC GR also thanks the NC Wildlife staff who conducted yesterday’s call and considered callers’ feedback.

AKC GR will continue to provide updates on this issue as developments occur.  For more information, contact AKC GR at