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The City of Las Cruces announced that residents have the opportunity to provide feedback and ask questions on several changes to the city’s animal control laws.  Feedback will be accepted through November 23, 2020.

Residents are encouraged to review the full ordinance changes online.  You can also watch a powerpoint presentation outlining the changes.

Changes under consideration include:

  • Replacing licensing with microchipping – The city already has mandatory microchipping in addition to an annual dog license. This proposal would remove the licensing requirement, but emphasizes that microchip information must be kept up to date at all times, including ownership transfers, etc.
  • Potential fee for intact dog microchip registration – Current law has a higher license fee for intact dogs. While the licensing is removed, the proposal does allow the city the option to charge a registration fee for microchips for intact dogs.  In a presentation made by the city, it was stated that this is because intact dogs tend to be more frequently at large and be involved in aggressive incidents/bites.

    AKC encourages owners of intact dogs in Las Cruces to express concerns with having to pay an extra fee simply because a dog is not spayed or neutered.  Let them know about the steps you take to be a responsible dog owner and ensure your dog is not a problem in the community.

  • New procedures for dealing with barking dogs – The proposal outlines new procedures for barking dog complaints. On a first complaint, the owner will receive a written notice and 7 days to correct the issue.  If the issue continues, an animal control officer must come to investigate the complaint.  If the officer witnesses the concern, they may issue a citation.  If not, the person making the complaint must make an audio recording and include dates and times of the disturbance.

    If the complainant wants to pursue charges, they will be asked what steps were made to address the concerns (i.e. talking to the dog owner, etc.), and the officer can also offer to mediate between the complainant and the dog owner before charges are filed.  The officer also has the power to dismiss charges if there is insufficient evidence of a true noise issue.

What You Can Do:

Residents who wish to do so may send comments to the city on the proposal.  Comments may be submitted through November 23 at 11:59 pm at

After the comment period, the city will review and potentially make further changes.  Then the proposal will go to the full council for consideration.  AKC Government Relations will continue to monitor the city’s actions on this issue and provide more information as they become available.  For questions, contact AKC GR at