MA Update: Amendment #206 Eliminating Pet Industry Consumer Protections FAILS!
Late last night, the Massachusetts Senate finished debating, amending, and voting passage of its omnibus economic development bill, S. 2856. The American Kennel Club (AKC) is pleased to report that Amendment #206, ELIMINATION OF PET INDUSTRY CONSUMER PROTECTIONS, was rejected by the Senate on a voice vote. Also of note, Amendment #147, which sought to […] | July 12, 2024
Indiana Update: Law Requiring Rescue Registration Now in Effect
A new law is now in effect in Indiana that, among other provisions, requires certain rescues to register with the Indiana Board of Animal Health (BOAH). A rescue must register with the state if during a period of one year they accept: 1) More than 12 dogs, or 2) More than nine dogs and three […] | July 12, 2024
Indiana Update: Indianapolis Intact Dog Registry Hearing Scheduled for Monday (July 15)
The Indianapolis City-County Council proposal to require all owners of intact dogs to register and comply with certain requirements for care and breeding is scheduled to be considered by the Metropolitan and Economic Development Committee on Monday, July 15. Those who wish to comment may do so by contacting the committee members listed below, or […] | July 11, 2024
MA Alert: ACT NOW to Oppose Amendment #206 Eliminating Pet Industry Consumer Protections
Two dog-related amendments have been filed in the Massachusetts Senate to an omnibus economic development bill, which the Massachusetts House of Representatives passed last month. The Senate Ways and Means Committee favorably released its version, S. 2856, on July 8, when more than 500 amendments were filed. Senate debate and voting is scheduled for Thursday, […] | July 10, 2024
Indiana: Indianapolis Likely Considering Intact Dog Registry on Monday (July 15)
Last night, the Indianapolis City-County Council introduced a proposal to require all owners of intact dogs to register and comply with certain requirements for care and breeding.  This is in response to shelter population concerns in Indianapolis and Marion County. While the agenda is not yet posted, the proposal will likely be considered by the […] | July 9, 2024
Pennsylvania: Governor Signs Bill Regarding Boarding Dogs from Out-of-State Passes General Assembly
Yesterday, July 8, 2024, Pennsylvania Governor Josh Shapiro signed legislation that addresses concerns regarding out-of-state dogs entering boarding kennels in the Commonwealth.  The new law will go into effect on September 6, 2024. Recent changes to Pennsylvania’s Dog Law (Act 18 of 2023), a certified certificate of veterinary inspection (CVI) from a dog’s home state […] | July 9, 2024
Sherwood, AR: Help End Dog Breed Discrimination
Dog owners in Sherwood, Arkansas, are urged to take action in support of provisions in a proposed ordinance that would lift restrictions on ownership of “pit bull” dogs in the city. The proposal is currently tabled, and could be considered again at the next city council meeting on July 22, 2024. When available, the meeting […] | July 8, 2024
CA: Fresno Adopts Mandatory Spay/Neuter
Summary: The City of Fresno has adopted a resolution that suspends the issuance of new unaltered dog licenses until the 3-month shelter occupancy rate average drops below 75 percent after the mayor signed the measure unanimously passed by the city council. As the city is currently above this threshold, the issuance of new unaltered dog […] | July 8, 2024
Pennsylvania Success: Bill Addressing Boarding Kennel Concerns Passes General Assembly
Today, the Pennsylvania Senate concurred on amendments to address concerns about boarding out-of-state dogs in the Commonwealth.  The bill now goes to Governor Josh Shapiro. Prior to final passage of Senate Bill 82, Representative John Lawrence (Dist. 13, Chester County) sponsored an amendment unanimously by adopted House that simply states that a CVI is not […] | July 3, 2024
North Carolina: Join AKC GR at Concord Shows to Learn About Being a United Voice for Dogs!
As responsible dog owners and exhibitors, we do so much for our dogs.  Training, veterinary care, grooming – the list goes on.  One of the best things we can do is work together as club members, breeders, and handlers throughout the state to be a united federation in support of our dogs and our sport. […] | July 2, 2024

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