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The American Kennel Club Government Relations team (AKC GR) reports that no significant bills affecting dogs passed during the 2023 Alabama legislative session that adjourned on June 6.

AKC GR thanks dog owners, AKC club members, sportsmen, allied organizations, and individuals who worked with state lawmakers in support of fair and reasonable policy for dogs. Among the 2023 Alabama state bills tracked by AKC GR were:

Senate Bill 2, which sought to prohibit inmates from participating in training dogs for recognizing scents or tracking humans. AKC GR closely monitored this bill that might affect future availability of search and rescue dogs used by emergency responders and private individuals to locate lost children and missing persons. SB 2 did not receive a hearing in the Senate Veterans and Military Affairs Committee.

Senate Bill 242, which sought to remove the limit on the amount a landlord may require a tenant to pay as a security deposit under a residential rental agreement. As introduced, SB 242 would not have affected pet fees, which would remain uncapped. AKC monitored this legislation for potential amendments affecting dogs. It passed in the Senate Fiscal Responsibility and Economic Development Committee, was indefinitely postponed in the Senate, and was not reconsidered prior to end of session.

Share Information on Dog Issues
In addition to state laws, local ordinances passed by city and county governments can greatly impact dogs and their owners. If you hear that a new dog ordinance is being discussed or proposed in your community, please quickly email this information to AKC Government Relations at or call 919-816-3720.

Urge your fellow dog owners to sign up to receive geotargeted email alerts about canine legislation and regulatory issues by visiting and scrolling down to “Sign Up for Alerts.” You can also view all AKC GR’s legislative and informational alerts listed by date.

Get Ready for 2024

Anticipate that new bills affecting dogs will be introduced in the Alabama state legislature in 2024. Take time now to meet with your state Senator and Representative while they are in their home districts. Tell your lawmakers about all the great things the American Kennel Club and members of AKC clubs do to benefit dogs and communities.

AKC GR offers online resources to help you stay up to date on key issues that affect dogs. View and download these and other educational materials available in the AKC GR Toolbox.

By working together to support positive legislation and to oppose bad bills, we can protect our rights to own, exhibit, responsibly breed, and enjoy the dogs we love. Please contact AKC Government Relations at for additional information.