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Yesterday, the California State Senate passed Assembly Bill 1901, the dog trainer disclosure bill.  As reported on August 17, previous amendments require trainers to provide a written disclosure with the following information:

  • The trainer’s name and address (this is from the original bill and could include the address where the training is held)
  • Any civil judgements relating to the dog trainer’s services, or a statement that no judgements exist, and
  • Any animal cruelty convictions against the dog trainer or their employees, or a statement that no convictions exist.

The amendments also state that a person may bring a civil action for a violation of this section.

The bill does not require a trainer to disclose their training philosophy, whether or not they are certified, or their training goals and plan.

AB 1901 has been returned to the State Assembly for concurrence in the Senate’s amendments to the bill.  Those who wish may contact their State Assemblymember by typing their address in the “Find Your California Representative” tool on the California Legislature web site.

AKC Government Relations continues to closely monitor all bills impacting dog owners in California.  For questions or more information, contact AKC GR at