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At its October 20, 2021 Council meeting, Conshohocken (PA) Borough will be considering an ordinance that will amend the existing animal control regulations including that prohibits off-leash animals.

Chapter 2 of the Conshohocken’s Borough Code has not been updated in over 30 years.  The proposed ordinance seeks to provide an update to Chapter 2 addressing many concerns related to animals in the Borough.  Section 102 of the proposal prohibits a dog to be off leash in all circumstances except when it is on the private property of the person in possession of the dog or where specific permission has otherwise been granted to be on the private property of another.

Talking Points:

While the intent of the proposal seems to ensure that animal owners are always responsible and in control of their dog(s), there are legitimate instances when it may be appropriate for a dog to be off private property, either that of the person in possession of the dog or where specific permission has been granted, and off leash.  Including:

  • During field trials or formal obedience, agility, or similar training periods when the dog is accompanied by its owner or keeper.
  • When the dog is a service animal whose handler, because of a disability, is unable to use a harness, leash, or other tether, or the use of such a device would interfere with the service dog’s safe and effective performance of work or tasks, provided that the service dog is otherwise under the handler’s control through voice control, signals, or other effective means.
  • During search and rescue and similar public service training when the dog is accompanied by its owner or keeper, or by a qualified handler.
  • When the dog is actively working in a search and rescue situation.

AKC understands concerns related to irresponsible owners and handlers of dogs; however, requiring dogs to be leashed at all times will not solve any of the problems caused by negligent individuals.  Instead, it could result in much inconvenience to responsible owners in certain circumstances and limit the ability of highly trained dogs to perform important tasks that benefit the community.

AKC is asking that the borough consider amending the proposal to allow for a dog to be off leash when the dog is obedient to and under voice command of a competent person who is in the immediate proximity of the dog any time it is not otherwise restrained, and to include exemptions for training or participating in performance activities, search and rescue, and for service dogs.

What You Can Do:

Since the public comment period at Borough Council meetings is held at the end of the meeting, those interested are encouraged to reach out to Council members ahead of the meeting and encourage them to amend the proposal.

Additionally, you can submit written comments through email to prior to the meeting which will be read by a Borough employee during the public comment period.

You may also attend the 7:00 pm virtual meeting on Wednesday, October 20th to express concern and request amendments.

For questions or more information, contact AKC Government Relations at