Arizona: Two Bills Benefitting Dog Owners Continue to Advance – Express Your Support!
Two bills with a positive impact on Arizona dog owners are moving in the state legislature.  Arizona residents are encouraged to reach out to the legislature and express support for the following bills: House Bill 2626 – Requiring Shelters to Scan for Microchips Status: Passed committee, waiting consideration by full Senate Summary: House Bill 2626, […] | March 25, 2022
VT Update: Bill Establishing Public Safety Agency with Domestic Animal Protections Voted Favorably by Senate
Yesterday, amended Vermont Senate Bill 155, which would provide administrative support to the state’s Animal Cruelty Investigative Advisory Board (ACIAB), was voted favorably by the Vermont Senate.  The amended bill, which is supported by both the American Kennel Club (AKC) and the Vermont Federation of Dog Clubs (VT Federation), will now advance to the Vermont […] | March 25, 2022
Maryland: House Committee to Hear Senate Bill Regulating Dogs Outdoors. Call Now!
On Monday, March 21, 2022, the Maryland Senate passed Senate Bill 44  which regulates dogs outdoors and unattended in certain weather conditions and temperatures. The bill is schedule for a hearing before the House Environment and Transportation Committee at 1:00pm on Wednesday, March 30,2022.  Written comments will only be accepted on Monday, March 28.  Scroll […] | March 25, 2022
California: Bill Would Require Emergency Preparedness Plans for Kennels
A bill recently amended in California would require kennels to have an emergency preparedness plan. Those who wish may use this link and follow the instructions to submit written comments to the author regarding Assembly Bill 1648. Summary: Current California code allows for cities or counties in the state to require a kennel license.  Under […] | March 25, 2022
Illinois: Urgent: “Lawyers for Dogs” Bill On House Floor – Call Today!
After no action for almost 10 months,  Senate Bill 153, which would provide an animal a court advocate in cases involving the health, safety, or an injury of a dog or cat, is again on the move. The bill passed the Senate in 2021, and was just placed on the House Calendar where it can […] | March 24, 2022
California: Ask Committee to Oppose Dog and Cat Bill of Rights
On April 26, the California Assembly Business and Professions Committee is scheduled to consider Assembly Bill 1881, known as the “Dog and Cat Bill of Rights”. AKC staff and our representatives in California are working hard to communicate concerns with the author’s office, the committee,  and requesting significant amendments – but we need your help! […] | March 22, 2022
NJ Update: Senate Passed S.981, Bill Now in Assembly
Update: Friday, March 25, 2022 Yesterday, the New Jersey Senate passed Senate Bill 981 without amendments.  The bill has already been assigned to the Assembly Agriculture and Food Security Committee. The American Kennel Club (AKC) remains opposed S.981 as currently worded, and continues to work to ensure that the bill’s lack of protections for co-owners […] | March 22, 2022
CT Info: Hearing March 25th Making Designation of the Shelter Pet as CT’s State Pet
The Connecticut Joint Government Administration and Elections Committee has scheduled a Friday, March 25, 2022, public hearing for HB 5498.  The bill seeks to designate a variety of days, weeks, and months, for proclamations, including naming the shelter pet as Connecticut’s “state pet”. Acquiring a companion animal can be a rewarding process.  A number of […] | March 22, 2022
Oregon: Radical Animal Rights Ballot Initiative Campaign Postponed Until 2024
A radical animal rights ballot proposal in Oregon has been postponed until 2024.  This proposal would outlaw all hunting, criminalize artificial insemination, and have a significant impact on many other animal husbandry practices in the state. Background: In 2021, supporters began advocating for Initiative Petition 13, officially called the “Abuse, Neglect, and Assault Exemption Modification […] | March 21, 2022
AL Bill Allowing Dog Seizure on “Suspicion” of Harassing Livestock Passes Committee, Amendments Pending
Yesterday, the Alabama House Agriculture and Forestry Committee voted to advance House Bill 485.  Minor committee amendments do not effectively address concerns about how this bill tramples the due process rights of innocent dog owners.  Read more about HB 485, as introduced. Dog Owners’ Concerns Are Acknowledged!  Primary bill sponsor Rep. Dickie Drake said today […] | March 18, 2022

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