NY SB 4961 Seeks to Classify More as Pet Dealers – Action Needed Now!!!
New York Senate Bill 4961 seeks to classify more New Yorkers as "pet dealers" and to strictly regulate their operations.  The bill will be considered by the Senate Agriculture Committee tomorrow, Tuesday, June 2.  The American Kennel Club encourages all concerned responsible dog breeders and owners in the Empire State to contact the Senate Agriculture […]
https://www.akc.org/legislative-alerts/ny-sb-4961-seeks-to-classify-more-as-pet-dealers-action-needed-now/ | June 1, 2009
One Texas Breeder Bill Defeated, Help Still Needed
A Texas Legislature conference committee has rejected Senate amendments to House Bill 2310 that attempted to turn a straightforward bill regarding the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation into a strict breeder regulation bill. As amended by the Senate, House Bill 2310 limited commercial breeders from possessing more than 50 intact female animals in a […]
https://www.akc.org/legislative-alerts/one-texas-breeder-bill-defeated-help-still-needed/ | June 1, 2009
Victory for Oklahoma Breeders and Fanciers!
The Oklahoma Legislature adjourned on Friday, May 29, without passing House Bill 1332.  As introduced, this bill would have placed numerous restrictions on breeders and fanciers, including requiring breeders nationwide to obtain an annual Oklahoma "out-of-state dealer/breeder license" prior to bringing a dog into the state, with few exceptions. The AKC and its state federation […]
https://www.akc.org/legislative-alerts/victory-for-oklahoma-breeders-and-fanciers/ | June 1, 2009
New York to Hear Ownership Limits Bill on Tuesday, June 2
The New York Senate Agriculture Committee has scheduled a hearing for Senate Bill 5392 on June 2, 2009.  This bill will limit ownership to no more than 50 intact dogs and cats over four months of age if they are kept for the purpose of breeding and selling the offspring. In addition SB 5392 allows […]
https://www.akc.org/legislative-alerts/new-york-to-hear-ownership-limits-bill-on-tuesday-june-2/ | May 29, 2009
AKC Goes Neutral on Tennessee HB 386, Remains Opposed to SB 258
The American Kennel Club has been closely monitoring two bills introduced in Tennessee regarding commercial breeding.  Due to recent actions by the Tennessee House of Representatives, the AKC has decided to take a neutral position on House Bill 386 in its current form. AKC remains strongly opposed, however, to Senate Bill 258. As amended by […]
https://www.akc.org/legislative-alerts/akc-goes-neutral-on-tennessee-hb-386-remains-opposed-to-sb-258/ | May 15, 2009
UPDATE: OR HB 2470 Scheduled For Hearing – Voice Opposition Now!
Oregon House Bill 2470 will be considered by the Oregon Senate Consumer Protection and Public Affairs Committee on Tuesday, May 19.  The American Kennel Club opposes several aspects of HB 2470, including ownership limits, excessively burdensome operational requirements, and problematic legislative findings.  (For a full explanation, please see AKC's April 27th post below).  All concerned […]
https://www.akc.org/legislative-alerts/update-or-hb-2470-scheduled-for-hearing-voice-opposition-now/ | May 15, 2009
Texas House Bill 3180 Passes House, En Route to Senate
On Tuesday, May 12, the Texas House of Representatives passed House Bill 3180.  The bill was amended on the floor of the House of Representatives prior to passage with the following amendments: First, the bill’s definition of "commercial breeder" was changed to mean "a person who possesses adult intact female animals that produce 20 or […]
https://www.akc.org/legislative-alerts/texas-house-bill-3180-passes-house-en-route-to-senate/ | May 13, 2009
CA Senate Bill 250 Sent to Senate Appropriations Suspense File
The Senate Appropriations Committee analysis on Senate Bill 250 asserts that the bill may impose significant costs on both state and local governments in the short term and therefore the bill has been placed on the Suspense File. All bills that are projected to cost more than $150,000 are sent to the Suspense File. Staff […]
https://www.akc.org/legislative-alerts/ca-senate-bill-250-sent-to-senate-appropriations-suspense-file/ | May 12, 2009
Oklahoma Breeders Bill Heading for Conference Committee
House Bill 1332, which seeks to regulate Oklahoma dog breeders, is likely to be heard in conference committee in the next week. This is the last chance for this bill to be amended prior to being given a final vote.  While a number of AKC’s concerns have been addressed, there are still some provisions we […]
https://www.akc.org/legislative-alerts/oklahoma-breeders-bill-heading-for-conference-committee/ | May 12, 2009
Texas Bills Up For Consideration-Take Action Now!
Tomorrow, Tuesday, May 12, two controversial bills in the Texas House of Representatives, HB 3180 and HB 2732, will be considered by the House Local and Consent Calendars Committee.  This committee schedules bills for a floor vote by the full House of Representatives when there is no opposition anticipated; however, if five or more Representatives […]
https://www.akc.org/legislative-alerts/texas-bills-up-for-consideration-take-action-now/ | May 11, 2009

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