Maryland: House Committee to Hear Bill Regulating Dogs Outdoors Tomorrow (1/13) – Call Now!
The Maryland House Environment and Transportation Committee is scheduled to hold a hearing tomorrow, January 13, 2022, at 1 p.m. on House Bill 16.  The bill would place limitations on dogs being outdoors and unattended in certain weather conditions. AKC encourages those who reside or participate in dog events in Maryland to contact the Committee members […] | January 12, 2022
Florida Informational Alert: Committee to Consider Pet Store Regulatory Bill Tomorrow (1/11/22)
The Senate Committee on Regulated Industries is scheduled to hear Senate Bill 994 tomorrow, January 11, 2022, at 4:00 p.m. Among numerous other provisions, SB 994 seeks to require licensure and regulation of pet stores by the Department of Business and Professional Regulation, limit the sources from which retail pet stores may acquire pets, and […] | January 10, 2022
NH Update: January 14th Public Hearing on Bill Banning Training of Hunting Dogs and Field Trials
On Friday, January 14, 2022, the New Hampshire House Fish and Game and Marine Resources Committee will hear public testimony on House Bill 1308, which would ban the capture, possession, and propagation of hares and rabbits for hunting dog training and field trials.  If adopted, HB 1308 would effectively prohibit beagle clubs from continuing to […] | January 5, 2022
Texas Regulatory Info: Seats Available on Texas Licensed Breeders Advisory Committee
The Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation (TDLR), which implements the state’s Dog or Cat Breeders Act (Act), has announced that there are four vacancies on its Licensed Breeders Advisory Committee.  Vacancies exist for two members of the public and two veterinarians.  The volunteer, nine-member Committee provides advice and recommendations to the Texas Commission of […] | January 5, 2022
NH Alert: Hearing Scheduled on Bill Concerning Pet Vendor Licenses
Next Tuesday, January 11, 2022, the New Hampshire Senate Energy and Natural Resources Committee will hear public testimony on SB 368, relative to pet vendor licenses.  This bill would require the ownership of all animals housed in the licensed portion of a pet vendor’s premises to be transferred to another person within 30 days of […] | January 4, 2022
NJ Action Alert: Problematic Cost of Care Bill to Be Heard on Monday, January 3 – Voice Concerns Today
1/4/22 Update:  Unfortunately, the Assembly Agriculture Committee approved an amended version of A.6099 by a vote of 4-1.  Two of the votes in favor of the bill were by committee members who were defeated in their recent reelection bids.  Like its companion bill S.4058 in the Senate, A.6099 may now be scheduled for consideration by […] | December 30, 2021
NC Proposes Updated Regulations for Shelters, Boarding Kennels, Pet Shops, and Dealers
The Animal Welfare Division of the North Carolina Department of Agriculture and Consumer Sciences (NCAGR) is proposing updates to the rules used to carry out the state’s Animal Welfare Act.  The proposed revisions reflect changes in guidelines and best practices for licensees as well as changes in regulated industries. The rules apply to facilities licensed […] | December 28, 2021
NH Info: Attack on the Training of Hunting Dogs, Field Trials Before Legislature in 2022
The American Kennel Club (AKC) believes that, as early as January, New Hampshire House Bill 1308 will have a legislative hearing, during which lawmakers will decide whether beagle clubs should continue to be allowed to host field trials and capture 20 wild hare annually for purposes of training their scent hounds.  If adopted, the bill […] | December 17, 2021
Louisiana: Caddo Parish Adopts Mandatory Spay/Neuter Ordinance
The Caddo Parish Commission recently voted 10-1 in favor of an ordinance requiring dogs to be spayed or neutered, despite concerns raised by the AKC and local residents. The Ordinance will go into effect on July 1, 2022 for a period of two years. The parish will evaluate the ordinance's effects after two years. Unless […] | December 14, 2021
Montgomery AL: Animal Ordinance Meeting 12/20/21, Animal Owners Urged to Attend, Participate
An ad hoc committee of the Montgomery City Council will meet again on Monday, December 20, 2021, to continue work on a proposed animal ordinance. Media reports indicate that the committee intends to propose: Expanded requirements to obtain a breeding permit, raising the annual permit fee from $20 to $150, and requiring the applicant to […] | December 14, 2021

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