Ohio: St Clairsville to Consider Breed Restrictions on March 20
The St. Clairsville (Ohio) City Council, will be voting on March 20 on proposed breed restrictions in order to address vicious dog concerns in the city.
https://www.akc.org/legislative-alerts/ohio-st-clairsville-to-consider-breed-restrictions-on-march-20/ | March 9, 2017
NJ: TAKE ACTION NOW! Bills Harming Hobby Breeders and Dog Shows Set for Senate Vote Mon. 3/13
The American Kennel Club (AKC) has learned that both New Jersey Senate Bill 3041 and Senate Bill 1640 are scheduled for consideration by the New Jersey Senate on Monday, March 13, 2017.
https://www.akc.org/legislative-alerts/nj-take-action-now-bills-harming-hobby-breeders-and-dog-shows-set-for-senate-vote-mon-3-13/ | March 9, 2017
Riverside, CA, to Host Workshop on Amendments to City’s Animal Ordinances
Tomorrow, the City of Riverside's Planning Commission will host a workshop to review and provide input on potential changes to the City's ordinances regarding the keeping and sales of animals.
https://www.akc.org/legislative-alerts/riverside-ca-to-host-workshop-on-amendments-to-citys-animal-ordinances/ | March 8, 2017
Montana: Committee Vote on Overreaching Pet Breeder Bill Scheduled for March 9
House Bill 570 seeks to establish licensing, inspections, regulations, fees, and penalties for dog and cat breeders.
https://www.akc.org/legislative-alerts/montana-committee-vote-on-overreaching-pet-breeder-bill-scheduled-for-march-9/ | March 7, 2017
NJ: Action Needed Now ‘ Senate Likely to Vote on Senate Bill 3041 Monday, March 13
As expected, the New Jersey Senate Economic Growth Committee approved Senate Bill 3041 at its meeting on Monday, March 6. The bill is now likely to be considered and voted on by the full Senate on Monday, March 13.
https://www.akc.org/legislative-alerts/nj-action-needed-now-senate-likely-to-vote-on-senate-bill-3041-monday-march-13/ | March 7, 2017
New Jersey: SB 63 Now SB 3041, Scheduled for Hearing on Monday, March 6
This week, New Jersey State Senator Raymond Lesniak introduced Senate Bill 3041, a cleaned-up but substantively similar version of Senate Bill 63.
https://www.akc.org/legislative-alerts/new-jersey-sb-63-now-sb-3041-scheduled-for-hearing-on-monday-march-6/ | March 3, 2017
Arkansas Hearing Tomorrow (3/3) on Bill to Regulate Dog Sales
A bill was just scheduled for a hearing tomorrow (Friday, March 3) in Arkansas that would require registration of anyone who sells or offers a dog for sale in the state and advertises through 'public media' (any way that does not involve in-person or direct contact with a customer). This includes periodicals, professional directories, and […]
https://www.akc.org/legislative-alerts/arkansas-hearing-tomorrow-3-3-on-bill-to-regulate-dog-sales/ | March 2, 2017
Illinois Bill Creating Animal Legal Advocates Harms Dogs, Responsible Owners
An Illinois House committee is scheduled to consider a bill on Tuesday, March 7, that would allow the court to appoint a 'special advocate' to represent the interests of animals during cases that involve the animal's health, safety, or an injury.
https://www.akc.org/legislative-alerts/illinois-bill-creating-animal-legal-advocates-harms-dogs-responsible-owners/ | March 1, 2017
Tennessee’Dog Breeder Regulations Hidden in Amended Bill, Contact Committee TODAY
The American Kennel Club has been advised that House Bill 120 has been amended to include "commercial dog breeder regulations". The amended bill is scheduled to be voted on by the House Consumer and Human Resources Committee tomorrow, March 1, 2017, at 10:30 a.m.
https://www.akc.org/legislative-alerts/tennesseedog-breeder-regulations-hidden-in-amended-bill-contact-committee-today/ | February 28, 2017
Rhode Island Legislation Seeks to Require Licensing of ‘Breeders’
Rhode Island Senate Bill 349, which is scheduled to be considered by the Senate Judiciary Committee on Tuesday, February 28, seeks to require the licensure of all 'breeders'.
https://www.akc.org/legislative-alerts/rhode-island-legislation-seeks-to-require-licensing-of-breeders/ | February 27, 2017

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