VA UPDATE: Tethering Hearing Postponed
VA UPDATE:  Tethering Hearing Postponed The Fairfax County Board of Supervisors has just announced that the hearing scheduled for Tuesday, October 20, on the proposal to prohibit all tethering over 1 hour has been postponed. As introduced, this proposal would have prohibited tethering a dog for more than 1 hour cumulatively, regardless of whether the […] | October 19, 2015
MI Committee to Discuss Shelter, Possible Breeder Regulations on 10/21
The Michigan House Regulatory Reform Committee is scheduled to take public testimony on Wednesday, October 21, on a bill that as introduced creates numerous new regulations regarding shelter intake and release of dogs and cats.  The agenda for the hearing also indicates that the bill may include provisions “to include large-scale commercial dog breeders.” Summary: […] | October 19, 2015
MA Dog Owners: Committee to Consider Spate of Dog Bills on Wednesday, October 21
Monday, October 19, 2015 The Joint Judiciary Committee of the Massachusetts General Court is scheduled to consider 20 legislative proposals concerning animals at its next meeting on Wednesday, October 21, 2015.  Included in the agenda are bills that deeply concern both the American Kennel Club and the Massachusetts Federation of Dog Clubs and Responsible Dog […] | October 19, 2015
Fairfax County (VA) to Consider Restricting All Tethering
The Fairfax County Board of Supervisors has scheduled a hearing for October 20 on a proposal that would, among other provisions, prohibit tethering a dog for more than 1 hour cumulatively a day – with no exceptions.  The proposal specifically states that this restriction is in place even if the dog is provided with the […] | October 8, 2015
Iredell County (NC) Considering Multiple Changes to Animal Control Laws on Oct. 6
The Iredell County Board of Commissioners is having a public hearing on October 6 regarding numerous proposed changes to the county’s animal control laws.  Several of the concerns originally mentioned by the AKC and local clubs have been addressed; however, there remains an unclear definition of “household pet”. The proposal defines a “household pet” in […] | October 5, 2015
USDA/APHIS Releases Q&A Guidance Document on Retail Pet Store Rule and Dog Importation
September 30, 2015 Late yesterday, the U.S Department of Agriculture Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) released additional guidance in a Question and Answer format to assist pet breeders, brokers, adoption organizations, importers, transporters and other groups who may be subject to licensing under the federal Animal Welfare Act.    The Retail Pet Store […] | September 30, 2015
Hempstead, NY Proposal Would Regulate Breeders as Pet Stores, Impose Spay/Neuter Policies
The Hempstead Town Board is continuing to debate a proposal that would regulate breeders, pet sellers, and mandate the sterilization of dogs prior to sale- even if they are only 8 weeks old.     Residents of the Town of Hempstead are encouraged to contact the Hempstead Town Board as soon as possible and respectfully ask […] | September 22, 2015
Ask the Michigan Senate to Support Bill Prohibiting Breed-Specific Laws
A bill has passed two Michigan Senate committees that would prohibit local governments in the state from enacting or enforcing laws that focus solely on a dog’s breed.  The AKC supports Senate Bill 239, which would ensure that local governments regulate dogs based on specific actions, rather than their appearance.  Governments could still pass animal […] | September 21, 2015
NC Victory: Legislature Passes Budget Without Animal Welfare Fund Transfer, Veterinary Tax
This week the North Carolina General Assembly approved the state budget for next year.  Previous versions of the budget had included items of significant concern to the AKC, such as a transfer of the animal welfare budget and oversight away from the Department of Agriculture.  Another version included a tax on veterinary services.  Neither of […] | September 18, 2015
Ulster County, NY Update: Hobby Breeder Regulations to Be Discussed in October
The Ulster County Legislature has made numerous changes to the proposal that would regulate dog breeders and sellers in the county, and a public hearing will be held in October. The Ulster County Legislature is demonstrating a willingness to listen to constituents on this proposal, and residents are encouraged to continue contacting the legislators to […] | September 17, 2015

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