Maryland: House Committee to Hold Hearing on Hunting Bill Containing AKC Amendment
On Wednesday March 24 at 1:30pm, the House Environment and Transportation will hold a hearing on Senate Bill 200.   As mentioned in a previous alert, Senate Bill 200 seek to prohibit contests where the sole objective is the killing of certain wildlife for prizes or monetary awards.  It further clarifies that any prohibition will not apply to […] | March 22, 2021
Update CT: Support for Police K9s on Senate Calendar
The Connecticut Joint Committee on Public Safety and Security has voted in favor of SB 123, which seeks to increase penalties for injuring or killing police and search/rescue dogs.  The bill has been placed on the March 22, 2021, Senate calendar for a vote.   Supportive Connecticut residents are encouraged to email their state senator in […] | March 19, 2021
Texas Alert: AKC Opposes Limits to Consumer Choice in HB 1818, Urges Your Opposition Today!
Animal rights groups that oppose the purposeful breeding of dogs have long sought to unfairly tarnish the reputation of responsible breeders and shut down regulated professionals by falsely claiming that breeders are cruel or negligent “puppy mills”. A common tactic of anti-breeder groups is to push for laws that prohibit pet retailers from selling purpose-bred […] | March 19, 2021
Illinois: Ask Committee to Support Bill Protecting Use of Working Dogs
On Tuesday, March 23, the Illinois House Cities and Villages Committee is considering a bill that would protect working animals – including animals used in competition and exhibition. Those who reside or participate in dog events in Illinois are encouraged to contact the committee and the bill sponsor to express your support.  Scroll down for […] | March 18, 2021
Voices of Tennessee Dog Owners Are Heard! Breeder Bill SB 511 Put “On Hold” in Committee
Tennessee Senate Bill 511, which seeks to regulate dog owners based on ownership of intact female dogs, did not advance in the Senate Energy, Agriculture, and Natural Resources Committee on March 17, 2021. Instead, it was sent to “General Sub,” which means the bill is “on hold” and is unlikely to be considered again by […] | March 18, 2021
Texas Alert: Support Bill Limiting Local Restrictions on Working Animals; Hearing TOMORROW
Texas House Bill 543 seeks to restrict political subdivisions in the state, including counties and municipalities, from imposing requirements that ban the use of working animals. The bill is scheduled to be considered by the House Agriculture and Livestock Committee on Thursday, March 18, at 8AM.  Texas residents are encouraged to contact the committee today […] | March 17, 2021
Idaho: Ask Boise City Council to Oppose Harsh Dog Ownership Restrictions
The Boise City Council is requesting public feedback on a number of changes to the city’s animal control ordinance until March 30, 2021. This “kitchen sink” bill contains over 40 pages of changes, including requiring written permission from neighbors to keep four dogs on your property, allowing private citizens to remove dogs from cars, the […] | March 16, 2021
Illinois: Ask Senate to Oppose Animal Rights Court-Appointed “Lawyers for Dogs” Bill
A bill is moving in the Illinois Senate that would provide an animal a court advocate in cases involving the health, safety, or an injury of a dog or cat. Senate Bill 153 is similar to bills being introduced in other states in an effort to alter the legal status of animals and provide them […] | March 16, 2021
Minnesota Info: Bill Seeks to Modify Use of Traps that Could Harm Pets
Minnesota House File 2086 seeks to modify the use of certain traps used in hunting, and would require the reporting of pets or companion animals found caught in the traps.  While the bill has been referred to the Environment and Natural Resources Finance and Policy Committee, it has not been scheduled for consideration.  Concerned owners […] | March 16, 2021
Illinois: Bills Restricting Pet Choice, Breed Rescue Are Advancing– Call Today to Oppose!
The Illinois House and Senate continue to consider bills that would limit pet stores to sourcing dogs and cats only from shelters and rescues that have no affiliation with breeders. Yesterday, the House Consumer Protection Committee passed House Bill 1711, but there was a verbal commitment to negotiate on amendments prior to bringing the bill […] | March 16, 2021

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