Support MA’s Anti-BSL Bill
Massachusetts House Bill 1948, sponsored by Representative Bradford Hill, seeks to establish non-discriminatory, workable methods by which to deal with vicious and potentially dangerous dogs. It has been assigned to the Joint Committee on Municipalities and Regional Government, which will consider the bill on Monday, May 14, 2007. It is vitally important that dog owners […] | May 8, 2007
Defeat the Proposed Changes to the Pennsylvania Dog Law Regulations
Last year, Pennsylvania Governor Rendell requested that the Department of Agriculture develop new dog law regulations.  With little input from potentially affected parties, the resulting proposals, as published in January, attempt to impose many egregious requirements upon Pennsylvania dog breeders, including: Requiring licensing of thousands of small residential hobby and show breeding households under a […] | April 30, 2007
CA AB 1634 Moves Out of Committee
Today, the California Assembly Business and Professions Committee voted in favor of Assembly Bill 1634. The bill will now be considered by the Assembly Appropriations Committee. After today's committee hearing, several hundred fanciers who had attended distributed educational materials provided by AKC staff to their assemblymember and expressed their opposition to AB 1634. Today's developments […] | April 24, 2007
California Local Governments Consider Animal Control Changes
City of San Jose The City of San Jose will hold a public meeting May 1st to discuss a host of changes to their animal control ordinance. The most important change for breeders, fanciers and concerned dog owners to be aware of is that under this new ordinance anyone who breeds an individual dog more […] | April 20, 2007
CA AB 1634 – Action Alert
Since the introduction of CA AB 1634, a bill that makes spay/neuter mandatory for all dogs over 4 months unless the owner qualifies for an intact dog permit, AKC has been actively involved in an opposition campaign. We thank the many individuals and clubs and organizations who have joined our opposition and sent letters, e-mails […] | April 12, 2007
CA Spay/Neuter Bill Vote To Be April 24th
Today, the California Assembly Business and Professions Committee discussed Assembly Bill 1634, known as the California Health Pets Act. However, at the request of its sponsor, Assemblyman Lloyd Levine, the bill will be further considered at the committee's April 24th meeting, during which a vote will be taken. It is possible that AB 1634 will […] | April 11, 2007
URGENT – CA Spay/Neuter Bill to Be Amended – Continued Opposition Needed!
Assembly Bill 1634, the California bill that will require any dog or cat over the age of four months to be spayed or neutered will be revised with even more burdensome requirements. The bill still does not make any provision for animals in the state only for a short time or those who are competing […] | April 5, 2007
Introduction of Tethering Bills in Multiple States
The Canine Legislation Department is currently monitoring numerous state bills proposing laws that would ban, restrict, or limit the practice of tethering dogs. AKC recognizes that under certain circumstances, responsible tethering is an appropriate method of containing a dog. As many of these bills severely restrict a dog owner’s right to responsibly tether an animal, many […] | April 3, 2007
Texas Committee to Consider Dangerous Dog Bill Tomorrow
Texas House Bill 1355, authored by Representative Gattis, will be considered by the House County Affairs Committee, 2PM Wednesday, April 4, at the Capitol in Austin, Room E2.016. AKC’s Texas federation, the Responsible Pet Owners Alliance, has serious concerns about this bill, especially regarding the provision that a first-time offense would be considered a felony […] | April 3, 2007

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