Congressman David Price Visits Tarheel Cluster
AKC was pleased to welcome Congressman Price as part of our efforts to represent the interests of the fancy at the federal level. Fostering a good relationship with the Congressman will help ensure that AKC's concerns are heard on Capitol Hill. Representative Price and John Lyons with Carolina Junior Showmanship Participants at the Durham Kennel […] | March 22, 2004
NC Fanciers: April 6th Hearing Approaching
There is an update to this article.   As a reminder, the House Interim Committee on the Prevention and Disposition of Unwanted and Abandoned Companion Animals will present the first draft of legislation designed to address North Carolina's animal care and control problems to the public on April 6th. The Committee will meet at 10 […] | March 17, 2004
NC Developments
As part of our efforts to protect the rights of responsible dog owners and breeders, the American Kennel Club is continuing its daily communication with North Carolina legislators. We have been told that thanks to overwhelming response from the purebred dog fancy, lawmakers have been made aware of our opposition to proposed breeding restrictions and […] | March 11, 2004
URGENT: Attention NC Fanciers!
Following a recent telephone call from Co-Chairman Howard, the AKC is strongly urging purebred dog owners and clubs in North Carolina to refrain from submitting additional correspondence to members of the committee, including e-mails. We further believe that continued correspondence may actually hinder the progress we have made to date. North Carolina legislators have been […] | March 10, 2004
Connecticut Insurance Bill Would Help Homeowners
The Connecticut Dog Federation reports that the Joint Committee on Insurance and Real Estate will consider S117 on Thursday, February 26th. The bill prohibits insurers from establishing homeowners' or renters' insurance rates based on the policy holder's breed of dog. The American Kennel Club believes that insurance companies should determine coverage of a dog-owning household […] | February 24, 2004
Dog Ownership Under Fire
In recent years, responsible dog owners across the country have faced an increasing threat to their right to own and breed dogs. The concept of replacing the term animal "owner" with "guardian" in city codes was first introduced in San Francisco several years ago by an extreme animal rights group. Since then, several cities and […] | February 24, 2004
North Carolina Considers Breeding Restrictions
Attention North Carolina dog owners and breeders! Last fall, North Carolina co-speaker of the House Jim Black established the House Interim Committee on the Prevention and Disposition of Unwanted and Abandoned Companion Animals. Its purpose was to evaluate the state's animal care and control laws. Specifically, the committee was charged with studying North Carolina's animal […] | February 23, 2004
West Virginia Considers Banning Debarking
Legislation (H4397) has been introduced in West Virginia that would prohibit debarking or surgical silencing of dogs. Violators would face fines of $400-$1,000 and/or up to six months in jail. H4397 has been referred to the House Judiciary Committee, and help is needed to defeat this misguided bill. Much misinformation exists about debarking of dogs. […] | February 19, 2004
Responsible Breeders Face Nationwide Concerns
In recent months, responsible breeders all across the country have faced an increasing threat of restrictions on their right to breed, both at the municipal and state level. The defeat of proposed legislation in Virginia and Oklahoma was a positive victory for the purebred dog fancy, but introduction of similar proposals is likely in the […] | February 6, 2004
NY Bill Would Allow BSL in Cities
Existing law in New York prohibits cities and counties from passing breed-specific legislation but that would change with the passage of A9389. Sponsored by Assemblyman Patrick Manning, the bill allows municipalities to ban or restrict dog ownership based on breed. A9389 also classifies a dangerous dog as a deadly weapon, similar to a loaded gun […] | February 4, 2004

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