Delaware Update: Committee Approves Bills Regulating Barking Dogs and Animal Abuse Reporting
The Delaware House Health and Human Development Committee approved bills seeking to regulate barking dogs and granting immunity for animal cruelty reporting after a recent hearing.  Delaware residents are strongly encouraged to contact their State Representatives (see below for more information). House Bill 124 – Regulating Barking Dogs House Bill 124 would prohibit dogs from […] | May 8, 2023
Idaho Adjourns 2023 Legislative Session
The Idaho Legislature concluded its 2023 legislative session on April 6th. AKC actively monitored a few bills this session; however, there was not any substantial action on legislation that would impact dog owners. While the session is adjourned, we are seeing many local governments across the country considering proposals that would impact dog owners in […] | May 8, 2023
New York: Ask Senate to Oppose Debarking Ban
The New York Senate is expected to vote soon on a ban on “debarking” – a veterinary practice also known as bark softening – unless the procedure is medically necessary to treat an injury, illness, or congenital defect. New York residents are strongly encouraged to contact your State Senator and express your concerns with Senate […] | May 3, 2023
California Update: Bill Limiting Use of Police Canines Remains Pending in Committee
On Wednesday, April 26, the Assembly Appropriations Committee referred Assembly Bill 742 (limiting the use of police canines) to the committee’s “Suspense File”. For context, the Suspense File is part of the legislative process for bills that have a significant fiscal impact on the state. This action was expected by AKC. A decision by the […] | May 2, 2023
Delaware: Committee Considering Barking Dogs and Animal Abuse Reporting on Wednesday (5/3)
This Wednesday, May 3, the Delaware House Health and Human Development Committee will be considering bills seeking to regulate barking dogs and granting immunity for animal cruelty reporting. Delaware residents are encouraged to contact the committee and express your concerns with House Bill 124 regulating barking dogs and express comments and concerns you may have […] | May 1, 2023
Delaware Update: Bill Naming Rescue Dogs as State Dog Goes to Governor
This week, the Delaware House of Representatives approved a bill to name rescue(d) dogs as the official state dog. Senate Bill 37  passed the House of Representatives and designates rescue dogs as the official state dog.  The bill now goes to Governor John Carney for his signature. While AKC certainly appreciate the intentions of the […] | April 28, 2023
South Carolina: Your Voices Were Heard! Positive Amendments Proposed to Animal Forfeiture Bill
Yesterday (4/26/23), amendments were proposed to House Bill 3682 by the Senate Agriculture and Natural Resources Subcommittee. A copy of the amended bill was not provided by the time of this update; however, according to legislative staff, the subcommittee’s amendments to H.3682 include: The scope of a court hearing to determine if an owner is […] | April 27, 2023
Washington: Bill Eroding Rights of Animal Owners Advances to Governor
As Washington state’s legislative comes to a close, House Bill 1234 sits on Governor Jay Inslee’s desk; having already passed the House of Representatives and the Senate. This bill expands the reasons allowed for seizing an owner’s animals in suspected cruelty cases and doesn’t guarantee their return in the event the accused is found innocent. […] | April 26, 2023
US Congress: Animal Rights Groups Are Lobbying for More Restrictions on Dog Breeders. Congress Needs to Hear Your Voice Too.
This week, animal rights/ “protection” groups are actively lobbying Congress to restrict and limit the activities of dog breeders. They are making unsupported claims that there are “tens of thousands of puppy mills” in the United States, and asking members of Congress to advance arbitrary, one-size-fits-all mandates that could require small hobby breeders to place […] | April 26, 2023
USDA APHIS Issues New, Controversial Five-Year Strategic Plan
Today, the United States Department of Agriculture’s Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (USDA APHIS) published a new five-year strategic plan.  The plan incorporates stakeholder feedback (click here to read AKC’s July 2022 feedback to APHIS), and includes six strategic goals, including promoting the welfare of animals.  That goal features three objectives, including one that […] | April 25, 2023

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