Indiana Update: Two Bills to be Heard on Tuesday, March 31
The Indiana General Assembly will hear two bills on Tuesday regarding breeding regulations in Indiana. The House Judiciary Committee is expected to hear Senate Bill 238, a bill originally dealing with basic animal cruelty issues. An amendment will be offered in this bill to strictly regulate commercial breeders in Indiana. The Senate Corrections, Criminal, and […] | March 27, 2009
Oregon Alert! HB 2470 To Be Considered Monday, March 30
Oregon House Bill 2470, which seeks to severely limit the responsible breeding of dogs, will be heard by the Oregon House Consumer Protection Committee on Monday, March 30.  The American Kennel Club and its Oregon federation, the National Animal Interest Alliance, both strongly oppose HB 2470, and encourage all concerned responsible dog breeders and owners […] | March 27, 2009
March 25 Update on Minnesota Breeder Oversight Bills
The American Kennel Club Government Relations Department reports the following developments regarding the breeder oversight bills currently under consideration by the Minnesota Legislature.  Minnesota’s concerned responsible dog breeders and owners are strongly encouraged to take action today! SF 7 On March 24, the Minnesota Senate Agriculture Committee voted not to take Senate File 7 "off […] | March 25, 2009
Strict Breeder Oversight Bills on the Move in Minnesota
Two bills that seek to provide strict oversight of responsible dog breeders are on the move in Minnesota. It is imperative that concerned responsible dog breeders and owners in Minnesota contact their elected officials in St. Paul as well as the appropriate committee members listed below, and express their opposition to the bills as they […] | March 24, 2009
Update: MSN Language Removed from Florida Bill!
This morning, the Florida House Agriculture and Natural Resources Policy Committee adopted a "strike-all" amendment to House Bill 451, which would have required the mandatory spay/neuter of all dogs four months of age with little exception.  The Florida Association of Kennel Clubs reports that the amendment, offered by HB 451’s sponsor, Representative Scott Randolph, has […] | March 24, 2009
FL MSN Bill to be Considered Tuesday, March 24!
Late Friday, Florida House Bill 451 was added to the House Agriculture and Natural Resources Policy Committee’s agenda for Tuesday, March 24.  The committee will consider the bill at 8:00 AM in Reed Hall, 102 HOB, at the Capitol in Tallahassee.  HB 451 would require the mandatory sterilization of every dog and cat over four […] | March 23, 2009
New NC Bill Targets Breeders
North Carolina House Bill 733, filed on Thursday, March 19th, seeks to strictly regulate dog breeding in the Tarheel State by imposing ownership and breeding limits. This measure is sponsored by Representatives McElraft, Dickson, Sager, and Allen. Bills similar to HB 733 have been introduced across the country since the start of 2009 - including […] | March 20, 2009
AKC Supports Ohio Bill Removing BSL
The American Kennel Club applauds Ohio Representative Barbara Sears of Lucas County for introducing House Bill 79, which removes "pit bull" from Ohio's statutory definition of dangerous dogs.  Ohio is currently the only state to have enacted statewide breed-specific legislation.  The current law states that if a dog "belongs to a breed that is commonly […] | March 19, 2009
Montana to Hear ‘Animal Hoarding’ Bill on March 19
On Thursday, March 19, the Montana House Judiciary Committee will hear a bill to expand the definition of animal cruelty.  The American Kennel Club urges all responsible dog owners, fanciers, and breeders to contact the Montana Senate and express their opposition to Senate Bill 221, which would expand the definition of animal cruelty to include […] | March 18, 2009
Washington Alert: SB 5651 to be Considered by House Judiciary Thursday, March 19th
Washington SB 5651 will be considered by the House Judiciary Committee on Thursday, March 19th, at 10:00AM, in House Hearing Room A, in the John L. O'Brien Building, 504 15th Avenue SW, in Olympia, WA 98504. SB 5651 is part of a radical national legislative agenda aimed at limiting the freedoms and liberties of Americans […] | March 17, 2009

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