Hattiesburg, MS –URGENT ALERT: City Council Votes Tuesday, 9/3/19 to Ban Home-Based Breeding, Inspect ALL Animal Owners, Limit Pets. Take Action NOW
August 30, 2019 An overreaching animal ordinance that, among other egregious provisions, would make all animal owners subject to unannounced inspections will be voted on by the Hattiesburg City Council on Tuesday, 9/3/19.  Residents are urged to IMMEDIATELY contact city council members to politely state their concerns and ask that they vote NO on the […]
https://www.akc.org/legislative-alerts/hattiesburg-ms-urgent-alert-city-council-votes-tuesday-9-3-19-ban-home-based-breeding-inspect-animal-owners-limit-pets-take-action-now/ | August 30, 2019
USDA APHIS Releases 2018 Impact Report
Wednesday, August 21, 2019 Today, the USDA’s Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service (USDA APHIS) released its first-ever 2018 Impact Report.  This 10-page report details the agency’s achievements in 2018 with easy-to-read infographics. The report may be viewed at https://www.aphis.usda.gov/publications/aphis_general/rpt-aphis-impact-2018.pdf.
https://www.akc.org/legislative-alerts/usda-aphis-releases-2018-impact-report/ | August 21, 2019
CT Alert: Stamford Committee to Consider Limiting Pet Choice Tonight. Act Now!
Tuesday, August 20, 2019 The American Kennel Club’s Government Relations Department (AKC GR) has learned that the Legislation and Rules Committee of Stamford, Connecticut’s Board of Representatives is scheduled to consider an ordinance proposal tonight that seeks to limit consumer choice by requiring pet shops in the city that sell dogs and cats to source […]
https://www.akc.org/legislative-alerts/ct-alert-stamford-committee-consider-limiting-pet-choice-tonight-act-now/ | August 20, 2019
Flagler Co., FL: URGENT—Meeting TONIGHT, 8/19/19, on Proposed Law to Require Pet Owners to Carry “Official Health Certificates”, Criminalize Accepted Animal Husbandry Practices
August 19, 2019 URGENT:  The Flagler County Board of County Commissioners is scheduled to take action TODAY on problematic and overreaching requirements that would apply to all dog and cat owners in the county.  The proposed ordinance would also criminalize certain accepted animal husbandry practices as performed by animal owners.  Click here to view the […]
https://www.akc.org/legislative-alerts/flagler-co-fl-urgent-meeting-tonight-8-19-19-proposed-law-require-pet-owners-carry-official-health-certificates-criminalize-accepted-animal-husbandry-practice/ | August 19, 2019
Alachua Co., FL: Animal Licensing, Limits, Breeder Licensing, and Warrantless Inspections of Breeders to be Proposed at Special Meeting on 8/20/19
August 16, 2019 A Special Meeting has been called in Alachua County on August 20, 2019 to authorize advertisement of a proposal that seeks to recommend “commercial”, “hobby”, and “breeders” of dogs to be permitted, regulated, and subjected to warrantless inspections.  Differential animal licensing [generally, this means higher fees for unsterilized animals] and other regulations […]
https://www.akc.org/legislative-alerts/alachua-co-fl-animal-licensing-limits-breeder-licensing-warrantless-inspections-breeders-proposed-special-meeting-8-20-19/ | August 16, 2019
Fort Smith, AR: URGENT—$500 PER PET Annual Breeding License Approved. Take Action NOW to Repeal
Friday, August 16, 2019 Please share this information with dog owners and breeders in Fort Smith, Arkansas.  Immediate action is needed.  Responsible dog and cat breeders—and citizens of Fort Smith who wish to obtain dogs and cats from local breeders in the future—are urged to immediately contact the Fort Smith Board of Directors and ask […]
https://www.akc.org/legislative-alerts/fort-smith-ar-urgent-500-per-pet-annual-breeding-license-approved-take-action-now-repeal/ | August 16, 2019
NJ Success: Pet Leasing Bills with AKC Amendments Enacted
Monday, August 12, 2019 The American Kennel Club’s Government Relations Department (AKC GR) is pleased to announce that amended New Jersey Assembly Bill 4552 was signed into law by Governor Phil Murphy on Friday, August 9. See AKC’s position statement on Protection for Puppy Purchasers. As introduced, A.4552 sought to prohibit predatory pet leasing schemes […]
https://www.akc.org/legislative-alerts/nj-success-pet-leasing-bills-akc-amendments-enacted/ | August 12, 2019
U.S. Department of Transportation Clarifies the Use of Emotional Support Animals on Flights
Friday, August 9, 2019 Yesterday, the United States Department of Transportation (DOT) issued guidance to help travelers understand their rights while new regulations are being developed. The DOT is currently developing new rules to govern what types of animals will be allowed to accompany passengers on flights and what documentation will be required to determine […]
https://www.akc.org/legislative-alerts/u-s-department-transportation-clarifies-use-emotional-support-animals-flights/ | August 9, 2019
Fort Smith, AR: Board to act tomorrow, 8/6/19, on pet licenses, $500 PER PET annual breeding licenses, increased penalties and fees for all pet owners
August 5, 2019 The Fort Smith Board of Directors will consider an ordinance tomorrow, August 6, 2019, that seeks to establish dog and cat licensing; excessively costly dog breeder licensing fees; and new requirements, fees and penalties that impact a wide range of pet owners. The Board will also consider a resolution to approve a […]
https://www.akc.org/legislative-alerts/fort-smith-ar-board-act-tomorrow-8-6-19-pet-licenses-500-per-pet-annual-breeding-licenses-increased-penalties-fees-pet-owners/ | August 5, 2019
Cape Coral, FL: City Council to Vote Monday, 8/5, on Pet Sales Restrictions
August 2, 2019 On Monday, the Cape Coral City Council will hold a public hearing on a proposed ordinance that seeks to ban the sale of purpose-bred dogs and cats by pet retailers in favor of randomly sourced animals from shelters and “rescue pet” distributors. Concerned citizens are encouraged to attend the meeting and speak […]
https://www.akc.org/legislative-alerts/cape-coral-fl-city-council-votes-monday-8-5-pet-sales-restrictions/ | August 2, 2019

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