California Update on Bills Impacting Dog Owners
AKC is monitoring several bills impacting dog owners in California. Below are a few highlights in advance of the June 2 deadline for legislation to advance out of the chamber where it was introduced. To see the complete list visit the AKC legislative action center at  and/or the AKC legislative tracker.  AKC Government Relations […] | May 23, 2023
NJ Action Needed: Contact Officials to Oppose Overreaching Pet Seizure Bill
Last week, the New Jersey Assembly Appropriations Committee amended the controversial “cost of care” bill, Assembly Bill 2354, and voted to forward it to the full Assembly for further consideration.  The American Kennel Club (AKC) believes amended A.2354 still fails to both adequately protect the rights of bona fide co-owners and address the constitutional issues […] | May 22, 2023
NY Update: Senate to Consider Hunting Bill with AKC Amendments
A bill moving in the New York Senate makes certain hunting competitions illegal.  As written, however, Senate Bill 4099 contains important amendments requested by the AKC to protect training and performance events. Summary: Senate Bill 4099 is similar to bills introduced in previous sessions that would make it unlawful to organize, sponsor, or participate in […] | May 22, 2023
California: Kern County Postpones Consideration of Mandatory Spay/Neuter
On Wednesday, May 17, the Kern County Animal Services Commission reconsidered a proposed ordinance that seeks to further the licensing burden on dog owners in Kern County, and could lead to mandatory spay/neuter for one violation of animal control laws. No vote was taken in this meeting, but the proposal has been rereferred to the […] | May 22, 2023
Washington Co., TN – Commission Votes on Dog Tethering Resolution Monday, 5/22/23
The Washington County Commission is scheduled to vote Monday on a resolution to establish guidelines for tethering dogs within unincorporated areas of the county. The commission meets May 22, 2023, at 6:00pm, in the Justice Center, Jonesborough, TN. Call 423-913-8521 between 8:00am and 4:30pm for current meeting date, time, and location information. Click here to […] | May 19, 2023
South Carolina: Problematic Animal Bills Carry Over to 2024
South Carolina adjourned the first regular session of its two-year 2023-2024 legislative session on May 11. Governor Henry McMaster reconvened an “extra session” on May 16 to continue working on specific issues. It is not anticipated that dog/animal bills will be considered during this 2023 extra session. Bills that affect dogs, animals, and their owners […] | May 19, 2023
Texas: Continue Urging Governor Abbott to Veto SB 876
SB 876 was officially sent to Governor Abbott on May 17 and is now pending his consideration.  The bill will require anyone that both owns 5 or more intact females and is engaged in the business of breeding those dogs for sale to secure a state license. It is vitally important that Governor Abbot hears […] | May 19, 2023
CT Update: Bills Impacting Dog Owners Favorably Amended and Progressing
Both the American Kennel Club (AKC) and the Connecticut Federation of Dog Clubs and Responsible Dog Owners (CFDRDO) extend our deep appreciation to dog owners who submitted public hearing comments this year. We are grateful to Representative Doug Dubitsky for his leadership and pleased to provide the following update: SUPPORT KENNELS AND DOMESTIC DOG LAWS: […] | May 17, 2023
New Jersey: Seizure, Cost of Care Bills Scheduled for Committee Hearings Tomorrow (May 18)
Tomorrow, Thursday, May 18, the New Jersey Assembly Appropriations Committee is scheduled to consider two bills that continue to raise significant constitutional concerns for dog owners.  Assembly Bill 2354 and Senate Bill 981 seek to establish court procedures for the seizure, care, and forfeiture of animals involved in animal cruelty violations. Despite the late timing […] | May 17, 2023
Kansas Legislative Session Wrap Up
Recently, the 2023 Kansas legislative session adjourned. AKC analyzed several bills in Kansas to determine the impact on Kansas dog owners. AKC only opposed one bill during the session and the bill ultimately died in committee after just one hearing. House Bill 2437 Fails House Bill 2437 would have made several changes to the Kansas Pet […] | May 16, 2023

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