USDA Proposes Regulations for Foreign Air Carriers
On October 10th, the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) published a notice in the Federal Register announcing its intention to apply the current air carrier provisions of the Animal Welfare Act (AWA) regulations to foreign carriers. Public comment is invited by December 9th, and AKC intends to submit a letter of support. Unless the USDA […] | October 17, 2003
Supreme Court Denies DDAL Appeal
AKC has learned that the U.S. Supreme Court has denied the Doris Day Animal League's (DDAL) petition to appeal a case against the USDA that would have made all residential breeders of dogs and cats subject to federal licensing and inspection. The decision, which upholds an earlier ruling by the U.S. Court of Appeals for […] | October 9, 2003
Good News for Michigan Dog Owners
With growing frequency nationwide, families are being forced to give up their canine companions because of skyrocketing homeowners' insurance premiums or companies' outright refusal to cover certain breeds. Dog owners in Michigan may now have some reprieve, however, thanks to an important victory by the Michigan Association for Purebred Dogs. Troubled by countless stories from […] | October 1, 2003
UPDATE: San Antonio Rescue
After a very successful "Rescuers Rally" last week, Responsible Pet Owners Alliance (RPOA) is continuing its push to preserve purebred rescue programs in San Antonio. RPOA will speak to the San Antonio City Council at City Hall on Thursday, August 14th, at the council's regular meeting. RPOA asks that interested individuals attend this meeting and […] | August 12, 2003
Sante Fe, NM Considers Breeding Restrictions
Santa Fe Dog Owners Face Stringent Breeding Restrictions Attention Santa Fe fanciers! The city council is considering a strict breeding ordinance that could severely impact your ability to breed and show dogs. Key Points of the Proposed Law: Professional animal care permits and annual inspections for anyone involved in breeding animals. A city business license […] | July 14, 2003
IL Gov. Weighing “Litter Fees” Calls Needed Now!
The Illinois legislature has passed dangerous dog legislation that also requires counties to impose animal registration and litter registration fees. The bill, HB184, was presented to Governor Rod Blagojevich for signature on June 25th. Although the AKC strongly supports dangerous dog legislation and language in HB184 that would prohibit breed-specific laws, we do not believe […] | July 1, 2003
NJ To Hold Public Meetings On Animal Welfare
The New Jersey Animal Welfare Task Force will hold three public meetings in July. AKC encourages dog fanciers to attend and share their thoughts about the animal welfare issues that the Task Force is examining. Following are the meeting dates, times and locations: July 9, 2003 Mercer County College, Faculty Dining Room in Student Center […] | July 1, 2003
Hawaiian Quarantine Rules Relaxed
Dog owners will be able to travel to Hawaii with their pets more easily now that the state's quarantine rules have been eased. Previously, animals were quarantined for at least one month upon arrival. Effective June 30, pets entering Hawaii may be released in five days or less if their owners meet several pre-arrival requirements. […] | June 25, 2003
Federations: A Strong Voice for Dog Owners
Did you know that the American Kennel Club recognizes over 40 state and local federations, coalitions, and alliances? These hardworking organizations are made up of AKC-affiliated clubs and other concerned individuals who are interested in protecting and promoting the world of purebred dogs. They understand that by joining forces, they can wield a powerful voice […] | June 2, 2003

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