New Orleans Alert: City Council to Consider Mandatory Spay/Neuter Ordinance on Thursday, May 6
The AKC Government Relations Department has confirmed that the New Orleans City Council will consider a mandatory spay/neuter ordinance this Thursday, May 6, 2010.  The proposal, in a purported effort to address three well-publicized dog bite incidents in New Orleans, seeks to require all dogs be sterilized by six months of age or require their […] | May 4, 2010
Urgent Missouri Alert: Voice Support of HJR 86 Today!
Missouri House Joint Resolution 86 seeks to allow Missouri voters the opportunity to add state constitutional protection for agricultural activities and the raising of domestic animals. The American Kennel Club and the Missouri Federation of Animal Owners both strongly support HJR 86. The resolution has already passed the state House of Representatives and is currently […] | May 3, 2010
Oklahoma Call to Action: Contact Governor Henry Now!
The AKC Government Relations Department expects Oklahoma Senate Bill 1712 to be sent to Governor Brad Henry soon for his signature or veto.  It is imperative that all responsible dog breeders and owners in Oklahoma contact Governor Henry immediately and respectfully ask him to veto this bill. Bill Summary: Known as the "Commercial Pet Breeders […] | April 29, 2010
Oklahoma Update: Still Time to Call Senators!
The American Kennel Club has learned that the Oklahoma Senate has approved Senate Bill 1712 by a vote of 29-17.  However, the Senate now has 36 hours to reconsider its vote.  It is vital that all concerned responsible dog breeders in Oklahoma call their State Senator today.  Respectfully oppose the Senate’s attempt at quickly moving […] | April 27, 2010
Urgent: Amended Okla. SB 1712 Heading for Final Vote
In a quick parliamentary action late yesterday, Oklahoma SB 1712 was further amended and is now set to receive a final Senate vote today, Tuesday April 27. The new amended version further expands government regulation of anyone who breeds dogs or cats and who owns more than 11 intact females of either species.  The bill’s […] | April 27, 2010
Missouri Call-to-Action: Contact State Senators in Support of HJR 86 Today!
HJR 86 seeks to keep Missouri’s animal welfare regulations under the state legislature’s oversight instead of being manipulated by outside interests. The resolution, which has already passed the Missouri House of Representatives and the Senate Agriculture and Governmental Accountability and Fiscal Oversight Committees, is meeting filibuster-type resistance on the Senate floor.  Therefore, it is imperative […] | April 26, 2010
Urgent: Oklahoma House Passes SB 1712 Passed. Voice Your Concerns Now!
The Oklahoma House passed SB 1712 yesterday. The bill will significantly expand government regulation of anyone who breeds dogs or cats and who owns more than 11 intact females of either species. The bill’s vague definition of commercial breeder includes no time frame, which means it will require commercial breeder licensing for anyone who owns […] | April 22, 2010
Oklahoma Update: Legislative Deadline Approaching
This Thursday, April 22, marks the important "3rd reading" deadline for Oklahoma legislation.  All bills that already passed their house of origin and were transferred to the other legislative chamber must be read for the third time and debated in that chamber by the end of the day Thursday.  This is a key deadline for […] | April 20, 2010
Updated 4/20: New Orleans Mandatory Spay/Neuter Ordinance Vote Delayed
The AKC Government Relations Department has learned that the mandatory spay/neuter ordinance proposal currently under consideration by the New Orleans City Council will not be considered at its meeting this Thursday, April 22.  Because the New Orleans City Code requires at least 20 days of consideration for all proposals that seek to impose new permits […] | April 20, 2010
Ask the Ohio House of Representatives to Repeal BSL!
House Bill 79, sponsored by Representative Barbara Sears of Lucas County, removes the term "pit bull" from Ohio’s statutory definition of dangerous dogs.  All Ohio residents are encouraged to contact the Speaker of the House and their legislators to ask them to support this important measure and end 20 years of discrimination against responsible dog […] | April 15, 2010

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