Mandator Spay/Neuter Bill In New Mexico Dies
Representative Gutierrez’s office has confirmed that HB 1106, the Pet Owner Responsibility Act will not move forward this session. Congratulations to the fanciers and concerned dog owners who took the time to educate their legislators about this important issue.   New Mexico Bill to Make Spay and Neuter Mandatory [Wednesday, February 14, 2007 New Mexico […] | March 9, 2007
Statewide Spay and Neuter Bill Introduced in California Legislature
California Assemblyman Lloyd Levine introduced the "California Healthy Pets Act" (AB 1634) on Friday, February 23rd. This proposed legislation will require that all cats and dogs over the age of four months must be spayed or neutered unless the owner acquires an intact animal permit. Failure to comply with the provisions of the bill carries […] | March 5, 2007
Kentucky Bill Aims to Protect Rights of Breeders and Owners
Kentucky House Bill 375, introduced by Representative Webb, has been referred to the House Committee on Local Government but has not yet been set for a hearing.  It seeks to protect the rights of breeders and owners by limiting what local governments can prohibit or regulate in regards to dogs.  It is vital that breeders […] | February 15, 2007
UPDATE: Sponsor Confirms Indiana Breeders Bill Will Not Move Forward In Current Form
Representative Trent VanHaaften today confirmed that House Bill 1607 will not move forward in its present form. This bill would have imposed requirements on breeders who either sold one dog for profit per year or breeders who sold six or more dogs per year. Rep. VanHaaften has indicated that he will welcome constructive input in […] | February 7, 2007
New York Bill Will Impose Mandatory Microchipping and Enrollment in State Registry
New York State Assembly Bill 1677, introduced by Assemblyman Peralta, seeks to require all dogs over four months of age to be microchipped and registered with a new state-run registry. If passed and signed into law, these changes could have a significant impact on breeders and dog owners in New York. It is imperative that […] | February 5, 2007
UPDATE: Pennsylvania Governor Aims to Regulate Breeders
The public comment period for the proposed changes to the dog law regulations has been extended until March 16, 2007. The American Kennel Club and the Pennsylvania Federation of Dog Clubs ask concerned dog owners to mail their letters no latter than March 12, 2007 to ensure that they are received prior to the deadline. […] | February 5, 2007
Mandatory Microchipping and Fees Proposed in Indiana
Indiana House Bill 1719, introduced by Representative Bardon, seeks to require that all dogs over six months of age be microchipped, that a new state-run microchip registry be developed, that owners of intact dogs be assessed a $50 annual fee, and that "Beware of Dog" signs be put up for every intact dog. If passed […] | February 1, 2007
MN Dog and Cat Breeders Act Aims to Regulate Breeders
Minnesota Senate Bill 121, known as the Dog and Cat Breeders Bill, has been introduced by Senators Betzold and Koering. It seeks to establish breeder licensing, inspection of all "kennels", and unproven care standards. If passed and signed into law, the changes imposed by this bill would have a profound impact on dog breeders in […] | January 24, 2007
VA Mandatory Sterilization Bill Tabled
Virginia House Bill 1853 was tabled yesterday by the House Agriculture, Chesapeake and Natural Resources Committee. This effectively ends consideration of the bill for the 2007 Virginia legislative session. HB 1853, introduced by Delegate Robert J. Wittman, would have required mandatory sterilization of dogs and cats purchased from a dealer or adopted from a releasing […] | January 18, 2007

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