NC Update: Senate Bill 460 Could be Heard this Week
The AKC Government Relations Department has learned that Senate Bill 460, which seeks to regulate breeders, could be heard in the Senate Commerce committee on Thursday, April 30, or early next week.  It is essential that all North Carolina responsible dog owners and breeders contact the Senate Commerce Committee TODAY and express your opposition to […] | April 28, 2009
Oregon Alert: HB 2470 Gaining Momentum – Continued Opposition Needed!
Oregon House Bill 2470 continues to gain momentum in the Oregon Legislature.  The bill, which seeks to severely limit the responsible breeding of dogs via ownership limits and onerous operational requirements, has been assigned to the Senate Consumer Protection and Public Affairs Committee.  The American Kennel Club and its Oregon Federation, the National Animal Interest […] | April 27, 2009
CA Senate Bill 250 Amended and Sent to Appropriations Committee
The Senate Appropriations Committee hearing on SB 250 has been rescheduled for May 11th. Please click here for sample letters that clubs and individuals can personalize. California Senate Bill 250 passed the Senate Local Government Committee on a vote of 3-1 and will be heard by the Senate Appropriations Committee on May 4th. The bill […] | April 23, 2009
NC Update: Breeder Hearing Postponed
Due to scheduling conflicts, the North Carolina House Agriculture Committee did not bring up discussion of House Bill 733 as originally planned on April 22, 2009. The Committee has not yet rescheduled the hearing of the bill. House Bill 733 seeks to limit dog ownership and impose strict restrictions on responsible North Carolina breeders.  It […] | April 23, 2009
CA AB 241 Moves to Business & Professions Committee
Assembly Bill 241 passed the Assembly Public Safety Committee 5-2 and will now be heard by the Assembly Business and Professions Committee at 9am on April 28th. The Public Safety Committee adopted amendments to remove the inspections language and the bill now provides simply that animal control officers may take possession of an animal to […] | April 22, 2009
Urgent Update: Oklahoma Senate to Vote on HB 1332 Today. Call Your Senators This Morning!
The Oklahoma Senate has placed HB 1332 on its schedule for today, Wednesday, April 22, 2009. The AKC asks all responsible dog owners, breeders and fanciers to call their senators this morning and urge them to oppose this legislation. The AKC’s Oklahoma Federation notes that the following Senators remain undecided: Coffee, Lamb, Bingman, Laster, Aldridge, […] | April 22, 2009
Oklahoma Breeders Bill Heading to Senate Conference
Today, the Oklahoma Senate voted 30-to-16 in favor of House Bill 1332.  If signed into law by Governor Henry, the bill will affect many responsible dog breeders in Oklahoma.  HB 1332 will now be sent to a Senate conference committee, which will work on amendments.  If the bill survives the conference committee, it will be […] | April 22, 2009
Update: Tennessee Breeders Bills to be Considered This Week
Committees in the Tennessee Legislature will hear companion bills that address dog breeding regulations in Tennessee.  Senate Bill 258 will be considered by the Senate Commerce, Labor, and Agriculture Committee on Tuesday; its companion, House Bill 386 will considered by the House Judiciary Committee on Wednesday.  The AKC opposed provisions in the original version of […] | April 20, 2009
Action Needed In Florida: Bills On The Move
Several significant developments have occurred regarding two Florida bills that both the American Kennel Club and the Florida Association of Kennel Clubs strongly oppose. As previously reported on, Florida Senate Bill 2002 seeks to impose strict limits on the operations of responsible purebred dog breeders and to limit dog ownership. The Florida Senate Community […] | April 17, 2009
North Carolina Alert: HB 733 Bill May Be Considered Wednesday, April 22
The American Kennel Club Government Relations Department, in cooperation with the North Carolina Federation of Dog Clubs, has learned that House Bill 733 will likely be considered by the North Carolina House Agriculture Committee on Wednesday, April 22.   Should the bill be considered, a vote is not expected.  However, all concerned responsible dog breeders […] | April 17, 2009

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