Virginia: Positive Amendments Improve Animal Care Bill, Some Concerns Remain
February 14, 2019 A Virginia bill that had many provisions of concern to responsible dog owners has been amended by the House Agriculture, Chesapeake and Natural Resources Committee. As amended, Senate Bill 1025 no longer would allow localities to pass laws regarding animal care that are stricter than Virginia law.  This provision was problematic because […] | February 14, 2019
Minnesota Bill Would Provide Funding for Training PTSD Service Dogs for Firefighters
Tuesday, February 12, 2019 The American Kennel Club (AKC) is pleased to support Minnesota Senate Bill 1109.  The bill seeks to provide $150,000 in funding for the training of service dogs to assist some of the state’s firefighters with posttraumatic stress disorder.  All Minnesota residents are encouraged to join in support of the bill. AKC’s […] | February 12, 2019
Virginia Senate to Consider Bill that Could Harm Dogs, Punish Responsible Owners – Call Today!
February 12, 2019 The Virginia Senate is expected to consider a bill very soon that could create a number of significant problems for dogs and dog owners in Virginia, including unreasonable tethering laws that could actually hurt dogs and a new provision that would allow local governments to pass new, stricter laws on basic standards […] | February 12, 2019
Washington Considering Two Bills Limiting Consumer Choice on Tuesday (2/12/19)
February 11, 2019 The Washington Senate Committee on Labor and Commerce and the Washington House Committee on Consumer Protection and Business will hold hearings on identical bills on Tuesday, Feb. 12. Senate Bill 5209 and House Bill 1640 will prohibit retail pet stores from selling dogs or cats, unless those animals were obtained from an […] | February 11, 2019
AKC Statement on Delta Cargo Embargo
The American Kennel Club Government Relations Department (AKC GR) has become aware that starting March 1, 2019, Delta Airlines will be embargo kennels traveling as cargo above the 300 series or custom crates over 24 inches high. According to the airline, this embargo has been established due to structural and safety concerns with larger-size crates. […] | February 11, 2019
CT UPDATE: New Haven Board Delays Public Hearing on AKC Request for Changes
February 5, 2019 Last December, the American Kennel Club (AKC) submitted a letter to the New Haven, Connecticut, Board of Alders requesting amendments to their recently-amended animal ordinance, requesting that breeder and litter permits impacting all breeders and owners be stricken, instead proposing that owners of dangerous dogs secure a city permit to maintain ownership […] | February 5, 2019
New Jersey Pet Groomer Oversight Bills to Be Considered Thursday, February 7
Monday, February 04, 2019 Two New Jersey bills that seek to create a state oversight program for pet groomers—Assembly Bill 3044 and Senate Bill 2514—are scheduled to be considered by the Senate Commerce Committee on Thursday, February 7, 2019. Both known as Bijou’s Law, these bills were introduced in 2018 with matching language.  A.3044 was […] | February 4, 2019
Maryland Info Update: Committee Considering Animal Abuse Registry Bill on Thursday (2/7)
February 4, 2019 On Thursday, February 7, the Maryland House Judiciary Committee will be considering a bill to create an animal abuse registry in Maryland. Under House Bill 131, those convicted of cruelty offenses would be required to register with the sheriff’s office in their county of residence.  This includes within 7 days of a […] | February 4, 2019
Virginia: Ask Senate Committee to Amend Tethering Bill
February 4, 2019 A Virginia Senate committee is expected to consider a bill as early as Thursday (February 7) that would amend the state’s tethering laws. The AKC appreciates that, unlike other tethering bills considered this session, this bill does not regulate tethering based on specific temperature ranges or allow localities to pass even stricter […] | February 4, 2019
California: Solano County Hearing on Tuesday (2/5) to Consider Future Use of Fairgrounds
February 1, 2019 The Solano County Board of Supervisors will consider a proposal at its Tuesday, February 5, meeting to limit the use of the Solano County Fairgrounds to the annual county fair. This would mean that all events that currently use the fairgrounds, including dog shows, would no longer continue at the venue. Solano […] | February 1, 2019

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