Last Chance to Help Stop CA Ear Crop Bill in Committee!
California fanciers will recall that the Assembly Appropriations Committee placed AB418—a bill to ban ear cropping—on the Suspense File in April due to concern over its potential financial impact on the state's economy. On May 25th, the committee will hold a hearing to announce which bills will be released from the Suspense file to the […] | May 20, 2005
Ohio Looks at Repealing Breed-Specific Law
In response to a state Supreme Court decision last year that declared part of Ohio's breed-specific dangerous dog law unconstitutional , Representatives Kathy Walcher and Shawn Webster are sponsoring HB189. The bill makes significant revisions to the state's dangerous dog law, the most important being the repeal of an existing breed-specific provision that automatically declares […] | May 3, 2005
Reminder: Help Still Needed in California!
There's still time to help oppose AB418, a bill to ban ear cropping, but fanciers must work quickly! With only a few short weeks to go before the Assembly Appropriations hearing, dog owners need to contact their representatives immediately with their concerns. Please see our April alert below for more information. [ Wednesday, April 13, […] | May 2, 2005
MA Federation Holds First-Ever Lobby Day
On Wednesday, April 20th, the Massachusetts Federation of Dog Clubs and Responsible Dog Owners (Mass Fed) held its first-ever Lobby Day at the State House in Boston. The following is a summary of a report submitted by Charlotte McGowan, the federation’s Legislative Liaison. We extend our congratulations to all who participated in this very successful […] | April 25, 2005
Immediate Help Needed to Oppose Texas BSL
Attention Texas dog owners! Rep. Al Edwards of Houston is sponsoring HB1096, a bill which would exempt any cities with a population of over 1.9 million from the current state law prohibiting breed-specific legislation. (Currently this includes the City of Houston only, but rapid growth in Dallas and San Antonio means these cities would be […] | April 7, 2005
CA Ear Crop Bill Passes Committee
AB418 passed out of the Assembly Committee on Public Safety late yesterday afternoon. The bill, which would ban ear cropping of dogs, now moves to the Assembly Appropriations Committee for fiscal analysis and then on to the full Assembly. Although several concerned fanciers attended yesterday's hearing, they were considerably outnumbered by supporters of AB418. Additionally, […] | April 6, 2005
Attention West Virginia Dog Owners
West Virginia dog owners should be aware of a fast-moving bill (SB277) that would prohibit the possession, breeding, and sale of exotic animals unless one obtains a special permit. The bill further establishes an Exotic Animal Regulation Board and grants it extensive powers, including the authority to regulate the permitting process, the operation of pet […] | April 5, 2005
Reminder! CA Ear Crop Hearing Pending
Attention California fanciers! Just a reminder that the Assembly Public Safety Committee will hold a hearing on SB418, a bill to ban ear cropping, on Tuesday April 5th at 9 a.m. in the State Capitol Building, Room 126. We need purebred dog owners to attend and respectfully show their opposition! For more background on AKC's […] | March 30, 2005
UPDATE: CA Ear Crop Bill Developments
UPDATE! AB418 has been set for hearing in the Assembly Committee on Public Safety on Tuesday, April 5th at 9 a.m. in Room 126. The Animal Council is urging dog clubs to submit formal letters on their own letterhead to the committee consultant. Letters should be clearly marked "AB 418 - Dogs: animal cruelty: ear […] | March 22, 2005
Immediate Help Needed on New Mexico Dangerous Dog Bills
In the past few months, New Mexico dog owners have been very vocal about expressing their opposition to proposed breed-specific legislation (SB188). However, fanciers are now extremely concerned about two dangerous dog bills that are moving quickly through the legislature - HB400 and SB432. Your help is needed quickly to defeat them. While HB400 and […] | March 14, 2005

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