IN: Noble County Update- Breeder Restrictions Hearing Rescheduled for November 26- Contact the County
Noble County Commissioners postponed their vote on a proposal that would restrict virtually all breeding in the county, thanks to the significant feedback they received from the community. Among other provisions, the proposed laws would require a license for anyone who breeds a litter and sells or gives away even one dog.  The number of […] | October 30, 2018
NJ Alert: Amended Shamong Ordinance Still Features Ownership, Breeding Limits
The Township Committee of Shamong, New Jersey, is expected to consider amended proposed changes to its animal ordinances at its upcoming Wednesday, November 7, 2018, meeting.  Due to the successful outreach of concerned local stakeholders, the Township Committee eliminated some troublesome provisions of earlier proposals, including a ban on future breeders and kennels and pet […] | October 30, 2018
Update: Albany County, NY: Your Voice Was Heard: Two Problematic Dog Bills Tabled
The Albany County Legislature has tabled two bills impacting dog ownership following a public hearing last week. Proposal “G” would have limited tethering, and as written would not have allowed for temporary tethering, even if the owner is with the dog. Proposal “H” in part would have allowed any person to enter a vehicle to […] | October 29, 2018
New Jersey: Groomer Bill Scheduled for General Assembly Vote, Monday, October 29
New Jersey Assembly Bill 3044, which seeks to create state oversight of dog groomers, was amended again earlier this week and is now scheduled for consideration and a vote by the full General Assembly this Monday, October 29, 2018.  The American Kennel Club (AKC) appreciates recent amendments, including clarification that individuals who groom a dog […] | October 25, 2018
CO Update: Aurora Hearing Postponed, City Seeks Public Input
AKC Government Relations has been notified by an Aurora city official that action on the animal ordinance proposal has been postponed. In addition, the city is seeking further public input on the proposal. The proposal includes limiting ownership to three dogs of any age, except for one litter whelped on the premises, and removing the […] | October 23, 2018
UPDATE: Douglas County, CO Willing to Consider Amendments to Proposed Dog Laws
Douglas County, Colorado, has indicated its willingness to work with the dog-owning and breeding community to develop effective laws, after a successful public workshop held on October 18. The workshop was scheduled to discuss several new proposed laws, including regulations for nuisance/barking dogs and dogs considered “potentially dangerous.” The AKC would like to thank the […] | October 22, 2018
Atlanta, GA to Consider Limits on Consumer Choice, Barking Dog Laws on October 23
The City of Atlanta’s Public Safety & Legal Administration Committee is scheduled to vote on an ordinance to on Tuesday, October 23, that would restrict sourcing of animals to pet stores. Instead, they would only be allowed to provide animals from shelters or rescues. Even if you do not personally provide dogs to pet stores, […] | October 19, 2018
UPDATE: Aurora, CO Meeting on Proposed Animal Ordinance Changes
The City of Aurora’s Housing, Neighborhood Services, and Redevelopment Committee will consider several proposed changes to the city’s animal laws at its meeting on Wednesday, October 24th. These changes include limiting a resident to owning or harboring three dogs of any age, except one litter of puppies whelped on the premises, and removing the fancier’s permit that allowed hobbyists […] | October 19, 2018
RI Update: Cumberland Town Council Holds Item Requiring Breeder Permits that Limit Where Breeding is Permitted
Last evening, the Cumberland (RI) Town Council decided to delay consideration of changes to their animal ordinance, providing the Board with more time to discuss the impact and for the Chief of Police to personally attend and testify on the record. As currently worded, item # 18-22A would remove an originally-proposed exemption from the breeder […] | October 19, 2018
New Jersey: Amended Groomer Bill Scheduled for Committee Hearing, Monday, October 22
New Jersey Assembly Bill 3044, which seeks to create state oversight of dog groomers, was amended earlier this week and has been scheduled for further consideration by the Assembly Appropriations Committee this Monday, October 22, 2018.  The American Kennel Club (AKC) appreciates a recent amendment that clarifies that individuals who groom a dog to prepare […] | October 18, 2018

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