Virginia: Senate Bill Allowing Anyone to Take Animals from Cars To Be Considered This Week
The AKC understands that the Virginia Senate Courts of Justice Committee is expected to consider a bill this week that would include consideration of two bills that allow private citizens to remove a companion animal from a vehicle if they believe that the animal is at risk of serious bodily injury or death.  This bill […] | January 19, 2016
URGENT! Santa Paula, CA Considering Mandatory Spay/Neuter Ordinance, Breeder Permits – TODAY
The American Kennel Club Government Relations Department has just become aware that TODAY the Santa Paula City Council will have a first reading and vote on an ordinance (p.104) that would establish mandatory spay/neuter of dogs and cats in the city unless the owner qualifies for an exemption. The listed exemptions are vague and problematic. […] | January 19, 2016
Virginia: Jan. 18 Committee to Consider Allowing Citizens to Remove Dogs from Vehicles
The Virginia Courts of Justice – Civil Law Subcommittee has just scheduled a hearing on Monday, January 18, that would include consideration of two bills that allow private citizens to remove a companion animal from a vehicle if they believe that the animal is at risk of serious bodily injury or death.  All who reside […] | January 15, 2016
Massachusetts Legislative Committee to Consider Dog Bills on Thursday, January 21
The Joint Municipalities and Regional Government Committee of the Massachusetts General Court is scheduled to consider 14 legislative proposals at its next meeting on Thursday, January 21, 2016.  Included in the agenda are bills pertaining to dogs.  All concerned Massachusetts dog owners are encouraged to contact the members of the Joint Municipalities and Regional Government […] | January 15, 2016
Stamford, Connecticut, Legislative Committee to Consider Breeder Permits on Tuesday, January 19
Thursday, January 14, 2016 On Tuesday, January 19, a committee of Stamford, Connecticut’s Board of Representatives will accept public comment on proposed changes to Chapter 111 of the City’s Code of Ordinances, which currently deals with “Dogs and Other Animals.”  While several changes have already been made at the behest of resident responsible dog owners, […] | January 14, 2016
MD Update: Sponsor Agrees to Amend Dogs in Vehicles Legislation
The American Kennel Club has learned that the sponsor of Senate Bill 36, which sought to expand regulations regarding who may remove animals from vehicles, has heard the concerns voiced by many and has graciously agreed to amend the legislation.  The AKC thanks Sen. Simonaire for his willingness to carefully listen to the concerns of […] | January 13, 2016
Maryland: Committee to Consider Bill Allowing Anonymous Removal of Dogs from Vehicles
The Maryland Senate Judicial Proceedings Committee is scheduled to consider a bill on Tuesday, January 19, that would allow private citizens to remove a dog or cat from a vehicle if they believe that the animal’s health or safety is in danger.  Current Maryland laws only allow law enforcement officers, public safety employees, animal control […] | January 12, 2016
Wisconsin: Bill Making Reclaiming of Pets More Difficult To Be Considered Jan. 13
A Wisconsin Assembly Committee is scheduled to consider a bill on Wednesday, January 13, that would make several changes to current law regarding animals taken by shelters and local humane societies.  Those who reside or participate in dog events in Wisconsin are strongly encouraged to contact the Assembly Committee on Criminal Justice and Public Safety […] | January 11, 2016
NY Assembly to Vote on Debarking Ban
The NY Assembly is expected to vote soon on a bill that would ban “debarking” – a veterinary practice also known as bark softening – in the state unless it is medically necessary to treat an injury, illness, or congenital defect.  The AKC opposes A1679, which would restrict the rights of responsible dog owners to […] | January 8, 2016
Pennsylvania Passes New Laws on Field Trials, Dog Training Areas
A new law has been passed in Pennsylvania that makes several changes regarding dog training areas, including providing protections for dogs actively training or participating in field trials.   The law will go into effect in late January 2016.  Highlights of the new law include: Making it unlawful for anyone to “willfully, negligently or maliciously” kill, […] | December 1, 2015

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