NY Success: Albany County Amends Dogs in Cars Bill to Address Concerns, Protect Dogs
December 7, 2018 The Albany County Legislature has adopted an amended version of a proposal designed to protect dogs left unattended in vehicles when their health and safety could be at risk. The AKC Government Relations Department would like to thank everyone who called, emailed, and attended the hearing in Albany County, NY. Because of […]
https://www.akc.org/legislative-alerts/ny-success-albany-county-amends-dogs-cars-bill-address-concerns-protect-dogs/ | December 7, 2018
UPDATE: AKC Request for Amendments to Animal Ordinance Being Sent to New Haven Board of Alders & Mayor
AKC Government Relations and a board member of the Connecticut Federation of Dog Clubs and Responsible Dog Owners, met with the Mayor of New Haven, CT and her staff yesterday to discuss in detail the concerns of dog owners and breeders with the animal ordinance enacted by the city’s Board of Alders on November 8th. […]
https://www.akc.org/legislative-alerts/update-akc-request-amendments-animal-ordinance-sent-new-haven-board-alders-mayor/ | December 6, 2018
Ask Michigan House Committee to Support Ban on Breed-Specific Laws on Wednesday (12/5)
The Michigan House Local Government Committee will be considering a bill on Wednesday, December 5, that seeks to protect the rights of responsible dog owners in the state by prohibiting municipalities from enacting breed-specific policies. Municipalities would still be permitted to enact other policies and regulations on dog owners, so long as these laws do […]
https://www.akc.org/legislative-alerts/ask-michigan-house-committee-support-ban-breed-specific-laws-wednesday-12-5/ | December 4, 2018
Encourage Tulsa, OK, to Value and Support Dog Owners, Breeders, and Exhibitors
The Mayor of Tulsa, Oklahoma, recently presented a comprehensive Animal Welfare Reform plan to the City Council. This eight-step plan includes a complete overhaul of the City’s Animal Ordinance. While we do not yet know what this draft will include, other localities in the area have recently passed or are considering restrictive new laws, including […]
https://www.akc.org/legislative-alerts/encourage-tulsa-ok-value-support-dog-owners-breeders-exhibitors/ | November 28, 2018
Mobile Co., AL Informational Alert: Public Hearing 11/26/18 on At-Large Dog Ordinance
A public hearing is scheduled for November 26, 2018, at which the Mobile County Commission will consider enacting under county law an existing Alabama state statute regarding at-large dogs. According to Mobile County social media posts: “The Mobile County Commission will hold a public hearing to consider the adoption of a state statute prohibiting dogs […]
https://www.akc.org/legislative-alerts/mobile-co-al-informational-alert-public-hearing-11-26-18-large-dog-ordinance/ | November 26, 2018
Oklahoma: City of Norman Public Hearing on Intact Dog Licensing, Tethering on Monday (11/26)
The Norman Animal Welfare Center is holding a public hearing on Monday, November 26, to obtain community input on several proposed changes to the city’s Animal Welfare Ordinances. The proposed amendments include, but are not limited to: Mandatory sterilization of all dogs 4 months of age or older, unless an intact animal permit is purchased. […]
https://www.akc.org/legislative-alerts/oklahoma-city-norman-public-hearing-intact-dog-licensing-tethering-monday-11-26/ | November 20, 2018
UPDATE: New Haven Board of Alders Sends Breeder/Litter Permit Proposal to Mayor
Despite letters of concern from AKC Government Relations, dog owners and breeders, and a state-licensed veterinarian to the New Haven, CT Board of Alders regarding proposed changes to their animal ordinance, the Board enacted a re-drafted animal ordinance proposal last night.  AKC GR has learned that the proposal will now go to the city’s Mayor […]
https://www.akc.org/legislative-alerts/update-new-haven-board-alders-sends-breeder-litter-permit-proposal-mayor/ | November 9, 2018
RI Update: Cumberland Town Council Agrees to Work with AKC and Providence County KC
Last night, the Cumberland Town Council indicated its willingness to work with the Providence County Kennel Club’s legislative liaison, Vincent Indeglia, and AKC Government Relations to develop an effective ordinance that monitors the breeding of dogs in town without negatively impacting responsible dog owners and breeders.  The decision has effectively tabled item # 18-22A, the […]
https://www.akc.org/legislative-alerts/ri-update-cumberland-town-council-agrees-work-akc-providence-county-kc/ | November 8, 2018
Florida Amendment 13 to Ban Greyhound Racing in Connection with Wagering Passes, No Impact on AKC Events Expected
Yesterday, Florida voters approved a new state constitutional amendment that will phase out commercial dog racing in the state in connection with wagering by 2020. Passage of this amendment means that Florida will join 40 other U.S. states that ban this practice.  The amendment passed with 69% of voters supporting the amendment.  The amendment provides that after December […]
https://www.akc.org/legislative-alerts/florida-amendment-13-ban-greyhound-racing-connection-wagering-passes-no-impact-akc-events-expected/ | November 7, 2018
UPDATE: Douglas County, CO Postpones Hearing, Continues to Work With Local Dog Owners
Douglas County, Colorado, has postponed a meeting that was scheduled for tonight on several new proposed laws, including regulations for nuisance/barking dogs and dogs considered “potentially dangerous.” The county has postponed the meeting so that they can continue to work with the Colorado Federation of Dog Clubs and local dog owners on positive amendments to […]
https://www.akc.org/legislative-alerts/update-douglas-county-co-postpones-hearing-continues-work-local-dog-owners/ | November 6, 2018

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