North Carolina: Carteret County Seeking Input on Animal Control Laws by August 31
Carteret County Animal Control is considering updating their animal control laws and wants feedback from county residents. From now until August 31, residents have the opportunity to take a brief online survey to provide input.  The current ordinance and any amendments will only apply to unincorporated areas of the county.  Cities and towns in Carteret […] | August 14, 2020
Pennsylvania Informational Update: Leaders Call for Changes to Dog Licensing
At a recent press event, the Pennsylvania Secretary of Agriculture, Auditor General and the sponsors of Senate Bill 663 and House Bill 1504 called on the Legislature to take action on bills that will increase fees for dog licenses in an effort to help address funding concerns with the Pennsylvania Dog Law program. These bills […] | August 13, 2020
Colorado: Aurora Seeks Public Input on Breed Ban, Dangerous Dog Proposal Before 8/17 Vote
The City of Aurora, Colorado, continues to move forward on amending its dangerous dog laws, and is asking for public input prior to the vote on Monday, August 17. Two items will be discussed: The city’s current breed ban - Current city law bans American Staffordshire Terriers, Staffordshire Bull Terriers, and American pit bull terriers, […] | August 13, 2020
Denver City Council Considering Putting Breed Ban Law Changes on November 2020 Ballot
The Denver City Council will soon consider whether to allow voters to decide the future of the city’s long-standing breed ban. The new proposal would allow “pit bulls” in the city, so long as owners obtain an annual “breed-restricted” permit and keep no more than two “pit bulls” in a residence at any time.  Animal […] | August 12, 2020
K-9 Units Are Public Safety Tool That Must Be Preserved
*Originally published by Inside Sources on August 12, 2020 As cities debate police funding in the wake of coast-to-coast protests, municipalities should take great care to protect the one public safety tool that no community can do without — highly trained police K-9 units. Put aside the myths and inaccuracies — there is little doubt […] | August 12, 2020
California: Ask Senate Committee to Support Amendment for Competition Judges
Legislation continues to advance in California that would make further clarifications and amendments to the law passed in 2019 that requires those who hire independent contractors to provide them the same benefits as full-time employees. Late last week, a Senate committee combined several bills into Assembly Bill 2257, including an important provision AKC worked on […] | August 11, 2020
Aiken County, SC: Animal Owners Urged to Attend Public Hearing on Wednesday, August 12, Regarding Revisions to Proposed Ordinance
Aiken County staff will host a meeting on August 12, 2020, at 6:00 p.m., to review revisions to the proposed animal ordinance and receive comments from the public. County staff has diligently worked to respond to residents’ concerns and has made numerous changes and clarifications to the previous proposal.  However, subsequent versions of the proposed […] | August 10, 2020
Georgia: Governor Signs Act Providing Certain Protections for COVID-19 Related Tort Claims
Georgia Senate Bill 359, which was amended as the “Georgia COVID-19 Pandemic Business Safety Act,” provides certain immunities for COVID-19 related tort claims that are not the result of gross negligence, willful and wanton misconduct, reckless infliction of harm, or intentional infliction of harm. It further establishes assumption of risk presumptions and sets out provisions […] | August 7, 2020
California Update: Pet Store Bill Amended to Address Breed Rescue – Hearing on August 8
A California Senate committee will be considering a bill on August 8 that seeks to further clarify the 2017 law that limited consumer choice in the state by banning the sales of dogs and cats at pet stores, unless they are sourced from a shelter or rescue. As introduced, Assembly Bill 2152 implemented a total […] | August 4, 2020
TX Action Alert: Contact Sunset Commission, Urge Adoption of Recommendation to Eliminate Ineffective and Costly Licensed Breeders Program.
In June, staff of the Texas Sunset Advisory Commission recommended that the state’s Licensed Breeders Program should be eliminated due to fundamental flaws with the law that created it, the program’s ineffectiveness, and significant operational costs.  The Sunset Advisory Commission will meet on Thursday, August 20, to accept testimony on recommendations to eliminate 15 regulatory […] | August 3, 2020

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